Commenting Policy

Here at Shower Sweat Repeat, the rules are simple: I blog, you comment, we discuss. However, every good community must abide some rules, and I’ve established some for this site:

  • NO personal attacks: Constructive criticism of my work is fine, and it’s totally okay to disagree with me or with one of your fellow commentators. But there is absolutely no excuse to call anyone names or to attack someone based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, occupation, or just about anything, really. This is a snarky blog, not a hateful one. There’s a difference.
  • NO spam: Thankfully, WordPress is pretty good at keeping the spam at bay, but if you’re a robot or are here just to promote some product or website that is guaranteed to give people viruses, your comment will not be approved  and will be deleted. However, if you want to link to relevant content or are a fellow blogger who wants to share some of your own work (Again, if it’s relevant to the post), please do, by all means! Just remember to not overdo it—otherwise, that’s considered spam.
  • NO hate speech: This kind of goes along with “NO personal attacks,” but it’s possible to be hateful without attacking me or a commentator on the site. For example, you can refer to people of color, LGBTQ people, or people with special needs by some derogatory terms, and that would be considered “hate speech” on this site. Be kind in your comments, please.
  • NO NSFW content: Please do not embed pornographic or graphically violent images or videos in comments, and do not trick anyone in leading to such content outside this website.

This list is not all-inclusive and is subject to change. Commentators who do not abide this policy or are otherwise considered disruptive, malicious, hateful, or rude will be subject to their comments being deleted and may be blocked from participating in site discussions depending on the severity of their situations. If you find that a fellow community member is not abiding by these rules, please contact me.

Thank you for your cooperation and for abiding by Shower Sweat Repeat’s commenting policy.