Karen Datangel in her natural habitat (photo credit: @CafeSFG on Twitter).

Greetings, new friend! That’s me, Karen Datangel (Pronounced “Duh-tan-jel”). I’m 28, a Virgo, and a proud Filipina-American.

I was born in San Francisco and raised in its suburbs (Daly City and South San Francisco) before moving to the city’s Oceanview district with my family when I was 14. I now live in the Richmond district with my loving boyfriend of almost three years. I am the oldest of three kids and still have an emotional attachment to the family cat.

I graduated from San Francisco State University in 2011 with my B.A. in Journalism. I have built my resume through freelance gigs and internships in online and print media and PR/marketing. I’m proud of the work I’ve done, primarily focusing on media related to film, entertainment, and celebrity. I’ve been privileged with the opportunities to interview many indie musicians and filmmakers, So You Think You Can Dance contestants and judges, and well-known celebrities like Anna Kendrick and Sophia Bush. I have a very well-rounded work experience in my day jobs, having worked in the customer service/support, administrative, and retail fields.

I have an addiction to fitness and can easily be found at a group workout class, mostly barre or Pilates, or just getting a jog-walk in around my neighborhood. When I’m not writing, on the Internet, at work, or working out, I love checking out San Francisco and the Bay Area’s sights and sounds, watching films, Hulu/Netflix, concerts, and musicals, and reminiscing on the pop culture of my childhood and adolescence. Baseball gives me life and there are not a lot of things I adore more than the San Francisco Giants and AT&T Park. During the 2016 baseball season, I was blessed with the opportunity of doing social media for the @CafeSFG Twitter and Instagram accounts part-time at the yard. I also love the San Francisco 49ers and football (Especially Fantasy Football!) and have an appreciation for all Bay Area sports teams. I don’t consider myself a foodie, but I really enjoy pizza, burritos, chocolate, mochas, hard cider, cocktails, and wine.  I can usually be found in a rideshare, meaning if you are a Lyft or Uber driver, I have probably met you before. My typical day outfit either consists of a black hoodie, graphic or sports T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, or a casual dress under a sweater and over leggings with boots, though I mostly just wear my workout gear for the rest of the day even at work. I collect Blu-Rays and DVDs, CDs, and tour programs, and I have bunches and bunches of boxes of ticket stubs and other mementos I collect from events I’ve attended and such.

My political ideology is very left-leaning. I will always fight for women’s rights and against hate and bigotry. I was raised Catholic but my “religions” are now spirit and love. I still do believe in the existence of a higher power that is looking out for me and my loved ones. I have a strong interest in mindfulness meditation and often read self-help books and listen to podcasts to help me explore that interest.

I can be shy and self-deprecating and want to be alone a lot, but I truly do love connecting with all kinds of people. Those who know me best would tell you that I’m cool to talk to and hang out with. It simply takes a special person for me to be myself.


I first started this site as an entertainment blog called Karen On in March 2010, as an outlet and portfolio for offering my thoughts on films, concerts, and American Idol performance shows I watched and albums I listened to. Sprinkled in was celebrity news, features on the film awards season and red carpet fashions, stories from conventions and meet-and-greets with stars, and exclusive interviews with indie musicians and reality show contestants. You can see posts from the original version of the blog here. In January 2013, I relaunched the blog as a personal and lifestyle blog to broaden my readership and allow myself to write even more about all the things I care about. You can view posts from this relaunched version of Karen On in the Archive.

After a profound battle with my lifelong anxiety and discovering a love for group fitness in 2015, I retooled and rebranded my blog as Shower Sweat Repeat. The blog now focuses on wellness, health, mental health, self-care, fitness, style/beauty, and lifestyle. I talk about the tools that help me manage my anxiety and every day stress, such as the books I read and any meditations or mantras I use to help me get through my day. I write about the workouts I love. I also review products and services that keep ladies healthy, happy, and looking good in and out of the fitness studio or gym. I concoct the blog content primarily for women in the 20-40 age range, but if you’re a guy in that range, you’ll probably find something for you in here too! Additionally, there will be some local San Francisco flair as I shout out to the local fitness studios, relevant businesses, and habitations that contribute to my overall well-being. Through Shower Sweat Repeat, I hope to inspire and motivate readers into leading a healthier, happier, more confident, and more centered life. In turn, I hope to do the same for myself!

You can find out more about me and my budding media career at Karen-Datangel.net as well as my journalist profile on Muck Rack. You can also visit the FAQ page for even more info about me and this blog. Please feel free to comment on these smartass musings, email me, subscribe to my blog via email or your WordPress account, and keep in touch with me on my social networks.

Welcome, please stay a while, thank you, and hope to see you again soon!