FROM VINAZINE: How to Chat With Your Girlfriends About Reproductive Health

DISCLAIMER: As a member of the VINA Society, I contribute monthly content to Hey! VINA’s official blog VINAzine, hence my shout-out to the app.

Ladies, ever wish you could swipe right for lady friends instead of hot dates? Now you can with Hey! VINA. This addicting iOS app (Android version coming soon!) is pretty much like Tinder for girls to meet their next BFF (In fact, Tinder just recently signed on as an investor and mentor for Hey! VINA!). You sign in through Facebook and create a profile by answering fun questions and quizzes. They even now have specialized groups for moms, yogis, crafty girls, and others.

I was blessed with the opportunity to experiment with Hey! VINA in its early stages and now I’m a part of its ambassador program, the VINA Society. As a member of the VINA Society, I contribute monthly content to the app’s official blog, VINAzine. This month, I wrote a piece on how to talk about reproductive health with your girlfriends, as part of a new series called Taboo Topics Tuesday.

When it comes to reproductive health, I honestly don’t have a lot to hide. I’ve been on The Pill since 2013 and it’s made my periods weird for the past couple of years, plus I’m pretty sure it’s affecting my depression. However, it’s the best option for me at this point as far as preventing pregnancy.

I had my first abnormal Pap smear earlier this year and it freaked me the hell out, but luckily, the results showed only low-grade changes in my cervix.

I’m hoping to start having kids within the next 5 to 7 years, but I’m deeply afraid of childbirth and postpartum depression.

Other things, I’d rather share or not share with my girlfriends.

We all have our own stories and experiences and while it can be very difficult for some to openly talk about such a sensitive topic, I believe we can end any stigmas together, just by speaking.

Talking about reproductive health with someone else can be awkward and uncomfortable, no matter who it is with. However, if the subject comes up naturally, heart-to-heart talks about lady parts and hormones may actually deepen our relationships with our vinas. After all, who else in our lives is also going through a menstrual cycle and getting Pap smears?

You can read the post here in its entirety on VINAzine.

We also held a Twitter chat about the post and reproductive health when the post went live last week. You can follow the conversation using the hashtag #TalkingTaboos. Feel free to join us about other taboo topics every Tuesday!

(FEATURED PHOTO CREDIT: boram_kim via unsplash)

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