I Tried Stitch Fix for the First Time and…


DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links, which I may be compensated for.

I’ve said in recent years that if I ever became a millionaire, the first thing I would do is hire a personal stylist. Though I’m about five years removed from that ever happening (HAHAHAHAHAHA *laughing till I cry*), it turns out that I can have my own stylist now with Stitch Fix!

“Karen?! What’s Stitch Fix?” asks the little voice in your head, probably. Stitch Fix is an innovative styling service that sends you clothes and accessories whenever you want them. You fill out a comprehensive style profile that takes into account the garments, colors, cuts, and fits you like best and a Stitch Fix stylist will send you five clothing items and/or accessories that they’ll think you’ll love based on your profile! You can also add a personal note with any requests for your stylists before they send you a Fix. After you try on your items, you leave feedback using your Stitch Fix account and let them know what you’re keeping so your payment method can be charged accordingly. Returns are simple—each Fix comes with a return bag with a shipping label affixed, so just stuff and mail! If you choose to keep all five items in your Fix, you’ll get 25% off the total price. For every order, a $20 credit will be applied from the styling fee you pay pre-shipment.

Yes, to get a Fix, you’ll need to pay up a $20 styling fee each time and that amount will be credited to your final purchase should you choose to keep any items. However, if you decide to return all of your items, you will not get that $20 back (Though shipping is free both ways!). Stitch Fix is not a subscription service and you can either choose to get a Fix any time you want or schedule them for automatic shipment.

Sweat Pink partnered up with Stitch Fix for really cool influencer opportunities, so I was able to get my first Fix with a waived styling fee! I was stoked about the opportunity to try out a service I’ve heard so much about, plus finally having someone else take on the tedious task of finding nice clothes for me (Seriously, I sometimes find it a real drag to go clothes shopping)!

For my first Stitch Fix ever, my wonderful stylist Jessica put together some autumn-chic pieces for a complete outfit. Here’s what she sent me and what I thought about each item.

Chyro Zip Bootie (DV8)


These shoes were the perfect fit and style for me. They add height to my short frame without making me walk awkwardly and add flair to pretty much any outfit. I like that they zip on both sides of the foot, making them super easy to put on and take off. Love!
Kept or Returned: Kept!

Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse (41Hawthorn)



I wear black all too often, so naturally, this blouse and me were a match made in heaven! I love the loose fit, half-sleeves, studs, and fabric. It looks and feels almost sheer and the overall vibe of it is sophisticated and edgy, yet comfortable and classy at the same time.
Kept or Returned: Kept!

Dayna Skinny Jean (Kut from the Kloth)


The jeans with the booties!

All of my jeans went to crap (At least it seriously feels that way!), so I was happy to see that a pair of jeans were included in this Fix. These low-rise, ankle-length skinny jeans typically aren’t my style, but they sure went well with other items in this Fix and they’ll go well with other items in my closet. The wash is nice and it seems like the item will hold up nicely for a while. Hopefully I’ll get longer and less skinny jeans in my next Fix, but I thought this was worth the investment.
Kept or Returned: Kept!

Wels Puffer Vest (Skies are Blue)


Terrible quality selfie of me wearing 4 out of the 5 things in this Fix!

I really did like this vest for comfort reasons. It’s soft and it went extremely well with the turtleneck in my Fix (See below)! But I don’t wear vests very often and couldn’t see myself wearing this one a lot.
Kept or Returned: Returned

Nash Turtleneck Pullover (41Hawthorn)



I requested something orange to keep me warm to coincide with both Halloween and the San Francisco Giants’ postseason run (Hopefully?!!), so Jessica sent me this burnt orange long-sleeved top. Though I loved the ribbed fabric, the buttons on the sleeve, and the fact that it wasn’t bulky at all, I couldn’t help but think that I looked and felt like a soccer mom in it. So, pass!
Kept or Returned: Returned

Overall, I’m really satisfied with how my first Fix turned out. It affirmed what kind of clothes I like and what kind of clothes I didn’t like. I realized that I don’t really like vests and turtlenecks and that I adore the color black, fitted jeans, and booties!

I felt that Jessica was very attentive to my style profile and special requests for this month, as evidenced in her note. Though the vest and the turtleneck didn’t work out for me, it’s clear that she had both my personal tastes and the fall season in mind.

Stylist notes show you they care about your Fix. They also offer great suggestions for pairing up the items in your Fix!

I’m really happy with the selections I’m choosing to keep. They’re versatile for any time of day and night, for any season, and for most weather. When it comes to everyday style, I always want to be comfortable, yet a little flashy. I think the blouse, jeans, and booties all cover that well.

The only con to using Stitch Fix is that I found every item to be more pricey than I’m used to. For context, I usually get my clothes only from Forever 21 or H&M. Well, I’ll just say that even if you mark “The cheaper, the better!” on everything on your Stitch Fix profile, you may still be paying a lot for the things you want. But it’s been a while since I’ve truly indulged in clothes, so I was willing to take the hit and I think it’ll be worth it.

All of my Stitch Fix picks as a complete outfit.

I can’t wait to receive my next Stitch Fix next month! Do you Stitch Fix? If not and you’re interested, join today using my link!

For my male readers, you can now join in on the Stitch Fix fun as well! Stitch Fix Men launched a couple of weeks ago, so you can have your own stylist too. Join here!

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