Reblogged: 10 Tips for a Positive Body Image

As complicated as we’ve had it over the years (And still being dicks to each other even now sometimes!), I’m really proud of both of my younger siblings. But it’s especially nice to have a younger sister who’s super creative and also a blogger!

With her permission, I am sharing a portion of a very inspiring and valuable post from her, about developing and maintaining a positive body image. I thought it was not only very relevant to my own blog, but I also wanted to plug her wonderful writing and website.

Practice self care
Self care is different for everybody. Self care is anything positive I do for my mind, body, and soul. Here is a list of my favorite self care things I do for myself:

listen to music
play the drums
declutter my room
go to the gym
pet my cat
go on a trip
take a bubble bath
wrap myself in a soft blanket like a human burrito and read

Don’t use exercise as punishment
Please don’t look at a slice of pizza and think of how many push ups you have to do to burn it all off because it sucks the joy out of both things. Instead focus on the ways that physical activity can make you love your body even more. Is strengthening your muscles and heart punishment? No. Then don’t treat it like it is. Find ways to make exercise fun, whether it is heading to the gym with a group of friends, taking a dance class, or dressing up as your favorite character during a run!
sidenote: I am aware that some people cannot exercise due to disabilities or just have so much stuff going on that they cannot make exercise a priority. You still still very much worthy of self love and a positive body image.

For more, check out 10 tips for a positive body image. Be sure to also support the rest of Monica’s awesome body positive blog My Mad Fat Fashion!


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