Welcome to Shower Sweat Repeat!

Hello. I’m Karen.

I did not take this lovely stock photo (Yay for finally finding pretty ones to use for free!), but I felt that this image was very welcoming, and it has rainbows and waterfalls! To me, those two things are symbolic of renewal. That’s what I feel like I’m doing in relaunching this blog, and in the subject matter I will be blogging about.

2016 has started off kinda hectic, but I feel that I am ready to start writing here again. I announced back in December that I will be trading the randomness of Karen On in favor of focus on health, fitness, wellness, style, and beauty in Shower Sweat Repeat. Plus, I finally got everything organized! The blog has a new look and logo, links have been updated, and posts from the relaunched version of Karen On have been archived. If you’re looking for super old-school posts from the original all-entertainment version of Karen On, they have been placed in a different Archive.

So, what next? Well, first order of business is to review the few Influenster VoxBoxes, POPSUGAR Must Have boxes, and ipsy Glam Bags I’ve received since the beginning of this year. I received a bunch last year too, but it makes no sense at all to cover those. Plus, it would take a really long time to write about all of them. You know I love my product reviews and I hope you do too! If not, I have a feature planned on one of my favorite fitness studios in San Francisco. Some other things that may or may not be in the works: sharing my experience with the Tone It Up 8-week challenge so far, even more of my favorite classes to take in San Francisco, book/mobile app recommendations, and “Am I doing this meditation thing right?”

It’s good to be back and I look forward to sharing this new journey with you all. Stay in touch and see you back here really soon!



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