A Brand New Life for Karen On

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post here on Karen On. I keep making the excuse that “Life gets in the way.” That’s partially true. I read in a book recently that if you truly love doing something, you’ll make time for it. Obviously, I have not made a lot of time for blogging this year, at least in the second half of it. I dedicated that time instead to my work, loved ones, and lots and lots of self-care that doesn’t necessarily involve writing.

2015 has been an incredibly up and down year for me, personally, but what I’ll take away most from it is the amazing transformation I’ve undergone in body, mind, and spirit. Specifically, I discovered a love for group fitness and integrated working out into my [almost] daily routine. A lifelong struggle with anxiety reached a max point, but I was able to learn to manage it through therapy, medication, meditation, reading self-help books, and a variety of other methods. While I know that anxiety can’t necessarily be “cured,” I feel exhilarated knowing that I have tools at my fingertips to assist me in the battle.

That leads me to where I decided to take my blog next year and beyond. In my first rebuilding phase of Karen On in 2013, you could just tell that I didn’t know what I wanted my blog to be. I’ve always described it as a grab bag of sports and entertainment editorials, life anecdotes, rants about bigots on social media, love for local SF establishments, stuff like that. I recently looked at what I’ve been covering most recently: fitness and product reviews. Then this past Christmas Eve morning, the brightest light bulb shone in my head. I was taking a shower at my boyfriend’s house before heading to a workout class — yes, I do shower before working out and sometimes afterwards when I feel super funky — and I thought to myself the exact words, “Why do I shower before I work out? I’m just going to get sweaty again. Shower, sweat, repeat.”

Ding ding ding! And that’s how I came up with a new blog name: Shower Sweat Repeat.

Immediately, I had found my new niche like clockwork. Instead of writing about basically everything, I would dedicate my new blog to fitness and wellness. I plan on writing more about my favorite workouts and studios in San Francisco, sharing more of my favorite workout jams, and taking you along on my fitness journey. There may be a focus on healthy eating and snacking as well, but honestly, I still hit up McDonald’s for breakfast at least once a week, so I obviously still have a long way to go before I can offer any expertise.

That’s the “Sweat” part. The “Shower” part would refer to reviewing products that keep me clean and pretty on the outside, and raving about cool fitness gear and fashions. I’m still both a POPSUGAR Must Have and ipsy Glam Bag subscriber, and I would love to start reviewing those again along with any other fun finds that make me happy in and out of the fitness studio.

Finally, there will be significant focus on mental health. I’m not a psychologist and I know that mental health goes way beyond the anxiety I suffer from, but I would love to share more about the tools I use and the authors and gurus I follow and read to help me find my center and will hopefully help you too.

I love the new title as I believe it’s very symbolic. By showering, we cleanse ourselves from the work we accumulated from the day or night before and begin anew and fresh. By sweating, our bodies react to the work we put forth or just as a natural humanistic reaction. We sweat to push through our goals. We sweat when we’re feeling fearful or anxious. Sometimes we sweat even when we’re excited. Then we shower again to wash the sweat off, only to sweat again later. It’s a metaphor for life. My life. Your life.

As you can see, I am in the process of changing my blog layout and tinkering around with blog elements here and there. Karen-On.com will no longer be active and Showersweatrepeat.com will be activated sometime this week or next week. I should be able to archive old posts in case you get nostalgic for them. Be on the lookout for the new site and new content real soon.

Thank you, as always, for your continued readership and support. I know you’re all still there even when I’m not and I truly appreciate it. See you here in 2016.


(IMAGE SOURCE: My Instagram)

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