Influenster VoxBox Review: The Hello VoxBox

Influenster VoxBox: The Hello VoxBox

DISCLOSURE: I received the products described in this post complimentary for testing purposes from

The products in my latest Influenster VoxBox are good in all the right ways: good-looking, good-tasting, good for the environment, and good for your health! Courtesy of Influenster, I was pleasantly introduced to a new line of oral hygiene products from Hello. Hello’s brand is bright and friendly, and they take pride in using natural ingredients in their products. Specifically, their ADA-approved toothpastes are free from preservatives, dyes, triclosan, microbeads and artificial sweeteners, and they use xylitol and stevia. Somehow, they still taste amazing!

Upon opening my VoxBox, I got a little giddy at the rainbow of bright colors that popped out at me. Hello truly does take care in crafting their products down to their packaging and making them look very appealing. I almost didn’t want to open the boxes my toothpastes were packaged in because the boxes were so pretty (though with a minimal design)! I received two tubes of toothpaste in Pink Grapefruit Mint and Mint Mojito, two breath sprays in Pink Grapefruit Mint and Supermint, a toothbrush, and a $1 off coupon to use on my next Hello Products purchase.

The anti-cavity fluoride toothpastes strengthen enamel and polish your teeth with a gentle silica. I usually use toothpastes that whiten and contain things like baking soda or mouthwash, and I felt like the Hello toothpastes made my teeth much cleaner and my mouth much fresher than others I’ve used before! It’s even more impressive that it comes out so light when squeezing the tube. I do not have a preference for the flavors because I genuinely adore them both equally. The flavors taste exactly like their names suggest, but no, you won’t get buzzed off the Mint Mojito one.

I’ve never really used breath sprays (I’m more of a chewing gum gal), but I’m definitely enjoying the ones I received in my VoxBox. They are so compact, therefore painless to carry in my makeup bag or pocket, and the twist-right, twist-left function to open up the spray makes use hassle-free. The Pink Grapefruit Mint spray was just as yummy as its toothpaste counterpart. The Supermint spray didn’t really live up to its name — it’s just a typical peppermint flavor — but pleasant nonetheless. While I loved that both sprays refreshed and moisturized my mouth and weren’t overpowering in flavor, I wish they were longer-lasting. I felt like they stopped working after a minute or two before I had to spray again.

The Hello Toothbrush has a handle that is made of 50% recycled materials. I received a green one in my VoxBox to complement my Mint Mojito toothpaste. Honestly, it’s the product in my box that I care for the least. I feel that the bristles are too abrasive, and I’m not really a fan of toothbrushes that have their bristles all on one level as I feel that they don’t clean my teeth thoroughly.

Overall, I’m really enjoying using Hello Products and would recommend them to anyone. I never really thought about using all-natural oral hygiene products, but Hello proves that they can rock. I love how light yet effective the toothpastes and breath sprays are, and the unique flavors just make me want to use them over and over again!

Hello, you’ve given me a reason to smile!

Find out more about Hello Products and find me on the Influenster network!

(IMAGE CREDIT: My Instagram)

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