How I’m Getting Fitter and Happier Thanks to ClassPass

ClassPass - welcome screen

My quest to get fit in 2013 actually turned out to be a bust, and I realized how much I didn’t like going to the gym anyway. I didn’t like going there and not having a plan for what I wanted to do there. Plus, monthly memberships were not in my budget at the time. Things took a turn for the better this last year when I discovered barre classes from Cardio Barre and Pop Physique thanks to deal sites and I went to a run club with my boyfriend and ran three miles every week (Though we’re both on hiatus from that due to winter time and work schedules). This new year, I’m now more determined to work out more often, try new things in my fitness routine, and have tons of fun doing it thanks to my latest discovery. Also, you know how I always love a bargain!

Enter ClassPass, which I found out about through Kirbie’s fabulous blog. ClassPass is a service that allows you to take unlimited fitness classes at a wide variety of partner studios for $99 a month. It’s currently only available in a handful of major US cities/metro areas, but they are expanding quickly and adding new cities like crazy. There is a more exclusive component of ClassPass, as you have to sign up for a wait list to receive an invite to join. However, I received my invite only within a day to start working out in studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are no commitments, so you can cancel at anytime. If you need to put a membership on hold for any reason, you can do so for $19 per month, and you can still take one class per month you’re on hold. Traveling? You can use ClassPass Flex to use your membership in any other ClassPass-served area!

$99/month is either a lot or a little to some, but compared to what some gyms charge every month and for the regular class packages you can buy at one studio, I’d say this is a steal! While there’s no limit to the overall number of classes you can take, you are limited to taking three classes per partner studio for one membership cycle. Then when your membership auto-renews for the next month, you can take another three at the same studio for that cycle. It sucks if you’re really in love with one studio and want to go there more often, but part of the fun of ClassPass is you can explore different places and try different forms of fitness. Besides, you can always sign up with the studio directly if you want to take more than three classes with them in a month, and this is one way ClassPass benefits their partners by turning class-goers into long-term members.

You can find out more about the different studios ClassPass is partnered with, and search for one you might already know too!
You can find out more about the different studios ClassPass is partnered with, and search for one you might already know too!

ClassPass currently has an iPhone app which makes it super easy to search, view, and book classes on-the-go. (Android folks, don’t fret as an app will be released for you soon!) With the snazzy search tool, you can filter classes by fitness type (Cycling, pilates, strength training, etc), time, neighborhood/city, and even see which studios have lockers and/or showers. So if you’re a San Franciscan who wants to take a spin class in the Marina on a Tuesday morning and need to shower before going off on your work day, ClassPass will find the appropriate class for you!

A huge reason why I wanted to join ClassPass was because I’ve been meaning to take up things I haven’t tried but wanted to try like yoga, boxing, and self-defense, as well as revisit the world of dance. Now that I’m a ClassPass member, I can do it all without commitments. So far, I’ve tried cardio workouts (Including a dance workout!), TRX, and pilates. On deck, I have yoga and barre at a new studio that’s just a few blocks away from my workplace. San Francisco has so many cool and unconventional fitness options like acrobatics, aerial silks, pole, and even striptease! I get so addicted browsing the classes and planning out what I want to try next. I’m even more addicted to actually going to the classes three to four times a week! I already shaved off a couple of pounds on the scale and I’m ready to take off more.

You can see what classes you have coming up and what classes you took last.
You can see what classes you have coming up and what classes you took last.

Here are a few of my tips and need-to-know’s for having a pleasant ClassPass experience:

  • Book early. If there’s a class that you really want to take, jump on it because popular classes fill up quickly and others are capped at a very small number of participants. For most classes, you can book as early as seven days in advance, though you can reserve some classes even earlier.
  • DON’T flake or you’ll be charged $20 for cancellations made past 24 hours before the class starts (Or if you just don’t show up). Additionally, a late cancellation will count as a completed class for one studio. Use those rules to motivate you to get your butt workin!
  • Like ClassPass on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! Their social media team is very responsive if you have questions, issues, or suggestions!

You can find out more about ClassPass by visiting their FAQ. If you’re a current ClassPass member, sound off on what you love about them! And if you’re not a current ClassPass member, did my blog pique your interest? 🙂 Sign up for your invite today and get ready to rock your body!

(IMAGE SOURCES: ClassPass Facebook [featured]; my computer screen; my iPhone’s assisted touch button)

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