INSPIRED: Dream Destination Wedding Style with

VeniceI don’t know a girl who doesn’t think about her dream wedding. Although I haven’t really thought much about traveling to a place far, far away to get married, it sure is a romantic prospect to flirt with. When asked about my dream wedding destination and what my wedding style would be like for that destination, I honestly wasn’t sure what to pick. After giving it some thought, I eventually went with Italy. For one, I love Italian food and I also love Italian decor and settings. I associate Italy with elegance and although I’m actually one of the least elegant people ever, if I were to have a destination wedding, Italy and I would be a match made in heaven.

I chose some simple but ornate items and bold makeup for my Italian destination wedding style.

Destination Wedding Style

DRESS: Strapless Satin Ball Gown with Metallic Embroidery by Oleg Cassini
I’ve always imagined wearing a wedding dress with a big full skirt that just goes down to there. I think a ball gown goes especially well in a setting that’s as stylish and elegant as Italy. I love that this dress accentuates your figure in the right places. It’s a classic, can’t-go-wrong fit and fashion.

SHOES: Menbur Peep Toe Pump
The color matches the dress and the pearl and crystal detail add some pizzazz to the simplicity. However, I mostly picked it because the description says it has 1″-2″ heels, which is perfect because I actually hate high heels and I plan to go as low as possible even for a special occasion. #notelegant

HAIR: Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge ‘Callie’ Crystal Barrette
This gorgeous crystal hair piece would look so beautiful in a side-swept wavy hairstyle, or really any bridal hairstyle!

JEWELRY: Simple Stud Earrings by Gemesis
Drop earrings are my favorite kinds, but because the hair piece would already draw a lot of attention to my head, a pair of lovely diamond studs would be the perfect jewelry to complement my bridal look.

BEAUTY: MAC 21 Lash, Mirenesse Glossy Kiss, and Lancme Vernis in Love Fade Resistant Gloss Shine Nail Polish (Madame Tulipe)
Inspired by Milan, I’d dare to go for a bombshell look with dramatic faux lashes and bold lip and nail colors.

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(FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: pierofix on Flickr)

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