SPONSORED: Experience Historic San Francisco With Emperor Norton’s Fantastic Time Machine

Emperor Norton Fantastic San Francisco Time Machine

Karen On is excited to announce a new partnership with Verlocal! Verlocal is a new and growing marketplace for people to share unique local experiences. Hosts offer up their expertise in areas like cooking, crafts, dance, or simple city knowledge, and guests can immerse themselves in those experiences offered. Whether it’s tasting local cuisine, learning how to horseback ride, or going on a sightseeing tour of movie/TV filming locations, you’ll be in for a treat as you hang out with the most entertaining and informative locals.

Each month, I’ll be highlighting a fun and exciting Verlocal experience based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more experiences and more information on Verlocal, including how you can be a host in your city/region, visit the Verlocal website.

Sometimes when I’m out and about downtown, I see this bearded man in royal regalia leading large groups of people. When you’re in San Francisco, you really don’t think much about people who dress up like they came out of a history book. It’s almost like a daily occurrence. But now I know the truth: This bearded man in royal regalia is Emperor Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. He really has come out of the history book to give both tourists and locals alike a look into what San Francisco was like back in the heyday.

Every Thursday and Saturday afternoon, Emperor Norton leads an almost three-hour walking tour from Union Square and tells the fascinating stories of some of the city’s most famous landmarks, neighborhoods, and hotels. Learn more about the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire. Walk along the Barbary Coast and find out why it was so notorious. You’ll get to see Portsmouth Square in the heart of Chinatown and learn about all the groundbreaking announcements and events that took place in SF’s first public square. I know Maiden Lane as a cute little strip of salons, stores, and cafes, but did you know it used to be part of San Francisco’s now-defunct red-light district? I guess I should have known based on the street name.

Emperor Norton’s Fantastic San Francisco Time Machine will definitely excite history nuts, but anyone who wants to hear great stories about the City by the Bay should take up on this experience. Find out more and request this Verlocal experience now!

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