Influenster VoxBox Review: The Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox

Originally from my Instagram
Originally from my Instagram

DISCLOSURE: I received the products described in this post complimentary for testing purposes from

It’s been a long while since Influenster selected me to receive their Victoria’s Secret Sport VoxBox in one of their most exciting campaigns yet (Long while as in June), but since I saw them Tweet about the program just about two weeks ago, I guess it’s fine to rave in an overdue post.

First, some background on the stuff I normally wear for a workout: I was an unpaid intern about four years ago in Hollywood, but I did get perked with free swag for covering events. At the Reebok fitness retreat where I interviewed Anna Kendrick, I went away with a gym bag full of three pairs of shoes and a bunch of tops and bottoms. Honestly, I hadn’t exercised much on a regular basis until I got that bag, felt inspired, and wanted to put those shoes and clothes to good use. Aside from a few shirts I bought, a pair of Sketchers that I had bought before the event, yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret PINK MLB collection, and shirts and bottoms I had accumulated through random means and wouldn’t wear while going out, all I ever wore (And still wear) for working out was in that bag.

Also, way before I interned in Hollywood, I was a sales girl at a local Victoria’s Secret and even with the employee discount, buying anything from there felt like a luxury. While I am able to buy a lot more from VS these days, I was happy to have the opportunity to be a Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra tester through Influenster. I would never be able to justify the price of a sports bra from a leading global lingerie retailer, but being able to try one out and keep one for free could sway me to consider splurging on more products from their Sport line — and it did!

Unboxing the shipment was like Christmas in June. Inside the hybrid branded Victoria’s Secret and Influenster package was a signature pink Victoria’s Secret gift box. Inside the tissue paper was the bra, a pack of multi-colored socks, a couple of flyers with literature on the different sports bras available, a coupon for a discounted Sport item (Which expired, though we were notified through email that due to different shipping times, some people would not be able to use the coupon), and a tape measure. Victoria’s Secret and Influenster wanted testers to measure themselves and make sure they were wearing the correct size and if not, they could exchange the bra for another at any Victoria’s Secret store. Generous, huh?

I received the Angel model in SF Giants orange. It’s created to fit like any other Victoria’s Secret bra and mine fit perfectly upon first try. The Angel model provides almost-full coverage with an almost heart-shaped neckline. VS markets this one as a medium-support bra. It’s strappy with a criss-cross open back and has memory foam cups that contour to your chest so that it fits perfectly every time. Like normal Victoria’s Secret Angel bras, the Angel sport bra has quite a feminine look and feel.

I AM SO SORRY TO HAVE TO SUBJECT THE INTERWEBS WITH MORE DUCKFACE. It felt too silly to take a selfie at the gym. Anyway, this was the only proof I could present of me actually wearing the thing in a proper setting.
I AM SO SORRY TO HAVE TO SUBJECT THE INTERWEBS WITH MORE DUCKFACE. It felt too silly to take a selfie at the gym. Anyway, this was the only proof I could present of me actually wearing the thing in a proper setting.

I first wore the bra to a new gym (That I stopped going to after one time, but another story for another post!) as I worked on my regular cardio on the treadmill. It gave me excellent support and it just felt natural to be wearing it. My regimen now consists of barre classes and running a few miles every week and I take the bra for a few spins. My VS Sport Bra has become one of my favorite parts of my fitness wardrobe. It truly is a perfect fit every time and good to wear alone or underneath a shirt or tank top.It doesn’t feel tight or loose. Simply put, it’s workout gear that looks AND feels amazing. While the high price is not to my liking, I definitely still plan to check out the entire line of VS Sport Bras and possibly get myself another one. If you’re willing to spend a little more than usual, I would highly recommend the Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra for any fitness fashionista.

As for the socks, they were quite a sweet surprise to see. I believe every Sport Bra tester got a bonus product to try out and keep. I got about six low-cuff pairs in bold and pastel colors. Like my VS Sport Bra, they look and feel amazing. I not only work out with them, but wear them when I’m lounging or going out and about too.

OVERALL RATING (for the sport bra): A-
The price of this particular style of sport bra is too high (The styles with less padding and support are much more reasonably priced). But Victoria’s Secret hardly disappoints, and their Sport line is no exception. The product alone warrants no complaints in terms of style, quality, and functionality.

 Find out more about the Victoria’s Secret Sport line, and find me on the Influenster network!

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