25 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

This post is somewhat of an excuse to post random pictures from my summer trips.
This post is somewhat of an excuse to post random pictures from my summer trips.

1. I am absolutely terrified of driving. Although I’ve had my driver’s license for almost three years (Only because I was one error away from failing), I haven’t gotten behind-the-wheel since. I had to renew my license this past August without ever driving.

2. I don’t have a passport and have never been outside the country.

3. I have a scar on my right knee from fourth grade, when I fell on the ground during PE class. Bad idea to wear my uniform dress that day!

4. I used to play the piano and the flute and take dance classes. I also used to sing a lot in elementary and middle school talent shows and as part of the glee club (Which was not as cool as it seems on the show Glee).

5. Before my family and I started taking care of cats, we had two pet rabbits. We had them for about three or four years until they died separately due to health issues.

6. Although I’ve lived in the Bay Area all my life, I didn’t really start exploring much of San Francisco until I started going to San Francisco State for college. Going anywhere in San Francisco before that was something I considered intimidating. I was definitely in a suburban bubble all throughout my childhood and adolescence. I also never rode on a cable car till about five years ago.

7. I primarily only shop at Forever 21 and H&M for all my clothes. Though I have interest in working with fashion-related content, marketing, and copywriting, I actually find clothes-shopping for myself to be a HUGE pain in the ass and if I were a millionaire, I would definitely hire a personal stylist.

8. I have mild scoliosis, which is a mild curvature of the spine. It prevents me from sitting and standing up straight at times and reaching down to touch my toes.

9. I hiked up and down Half Dome in Yosemite as part of my 8th grade Honor Society field trip and it was one of my proudest achievements but also the single most-tiring thing I’ve been through.

10. I regularly Google myself to see what I can add to my portfolio, and because I’m abnormally curious about my web reputation.

11. I share my birthday with Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad (In one of my biggest life regrets, I probably could’ve talked to him when I covered a product launch party back in my Hollywood Life days, but I had no idea who he was at the time). I also share it with Mother Teresa and Pee Wee Herman. I share my birthday week with Chris Pine, Cameron Diaz, Armie Hammer, Michael Jackson, Rich Cronin, and my mom.

12. Speaking of Aaron Paul, I don’t really do the celebrity crush thing anymore, but spam me with pictures and videos of him, Chris Evans, or Chris Hemsworth and we’ll be best friends forever.

13. I’ve never been to Candlestick Park and have yet to attend a 49ers game, though there is pictorial evidence (That I’m too lazy to dig up right now) that my parents took me to one of their Super Bowl victory parades! I went to my first Giants game in 2004 at AT&T Park (Back when it was known as SBC Park) with my student leadership class (Our advisor was and is a huge fan and season ticket holder).

14. I was mostly a B student throughout high school and college, but I got D’s in Pre-Calculus in my last semester of high school…and a college course that was all about San Francisco history (I blame the final ten-page paper!).

15. Yes, I am full Filipino—both of my parents are Filipino immigrants. Some people see it right away, but others don’t. Yes, I understand Tagalog. No, I don’t speak it.

16. I’m the only one out of my three siblings that does not have a tattoo, and I’m don’t think I’ll ever get one.

17. I still wear clothes I’ve worn since high school out in public.

18. Beauty and the Beast was the first film I’ve ever seen in theaters. Though I’ve always been a Backstreet Boys girl, ‘N Sync‘s debut album was the first record I’ve ever bought. So it’s even odder that the first concert I went to featured 98 Degrees, who headlined at the All That Music and More Festival. First DVD I ever bought? Josie and the Pussycats (The crappy movie version starring Rachael Leigh Cook).

19. Meet some of the Apple products I’ve ever owned! Or at least know their names: My current iPhone 5c’s name is Raye, a reference to Sailor Moon (Raye is Sailor Mars’—my favorite Sailor Soldier—real name in the English dub). My former phone (iPhone 4S) is Sakura, after my favorite character in Street Fighter. My very old iPod Nano’s official name is POS. You should know what that stands for. I got a new iPod Nano as a gift from my old workplace a few months ago and I named it Hunter Pence, after my favorite Giants player on the active roster.

20. I used to be an American Idol super fanatic—started watching regularly during season four (Carrie Underwood‘s season) and stopped after season 11 (Phillip Phillips‘ season). I talked about it all the damn time at school to the point where all my teachers and classmates knew to talk about it with me. I went to a few finales, went to more top ten live tour shows and post-Idol concerts than I count on my fingers and toes, met and interviewed many contestants, and was kind of a hotshot at IdolForums.com. Many of my Internet friends are people who were in the fandom. Hell, my fandom was even part of the reason why my blog was successful back when I was just covering entertainment/pop culture. Chances are, we’re probably friends because you knew me through the fandom, or you know me because of someone else who knew me through the fandom.

21. I was recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and I use a CPAP machine to help me sleep better.

22. I stayed in a sorority house near USC while doing my internship in LA. It was the only time I lived away from home as I stayed with my family while going to SF State.

23. I love going to films, concerts, events, breakfast/lunch/dinner, etc. alone and I don’t give a crap if people judge me for it. However, I have yet to go to a sporting event alone.

24. I have an odd obsession with maps. Maybe because I have the worst sense of direction.

25. I get totally naked when I shower.

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