June Must-Haves

June Must-Haves

Whoa, how are we almost halfway through 2014?! But let’s get over our shock and revel in the fact that we are entering summertime! San Francisco is back to being foggy but with the crazy weather we’ve had lately, I’m sure we’ll see sunshine and experience warmth at some point. I’m hoping to go on a few getaways and of course, a few more baseball games. I’ll be sure to go check out the films on my June Must-Haves list, as well as put my most-anticipated summer album on heavy rotation. Also, I gotta look cute when I’m chilling poolside! I present to you my Must-Haves list for June. Let me know what you’re looking forward to as well. Here’s to a beautiful and super fun summer for all!

1. A rockin’ new swimsuit

photo credits: Forever 21 / Hot Topic
photo credits: Forever 21 / Hot Topic

I’ve had my current swim gear since 2010 and that’s plenty of time passed to go for an upgrade. I’m a fan of this sexy strapless monokini from Forever 21. It provides perfect coverage — not too skimpy but stylish with revealing cutouts. I love the gold cage detail on the front and the simple but bold neon red color. Another swimsuit I’ve been eyeing —a more youthful option— is this Cinderella one from Hot Topic. Just how adorable are the light blue ruffled cups? It’ll make anyone who wears it feel like a Disney princess!

2. Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence

photo credit: Lana Del Rey via Twitter
photo credit: Lana Del Rey via Twitter

Although I was unable to get tickets to see Lana Del Rey in concert per my April Must-Haves list, I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ll be getting new music from her. If it’s anything like her last two albums Born to Die and Paradise, Ultraviolence is going to be a chockful of sensual vintage-like tunes that’s perfect for lounging under the sun, going on a long road trip, or frolicking with a sweetheart. The first two releases from the record “West Coast” and “Shades of Cool” are already setting the tone for yet another masterful Lana album. Take a listen and be swept away, and buy Ultraviolence when it’s released on June 16th.

3. 22 Jump Street

photo credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment
photo credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The rookie cops Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) conquered high school in 2012’s 21 Jump Street, but how will they fare in their next undercover assignment posing as college students? 22 Jump Street is the anticipated follow-up to the action comedy and with the partnership of Channing and Jonah and the return of Ice Cube as the trash-talking Captain Dickson, it’s bound to bring lots of laughter amongst the summer blockbusters. Check out the trailer below and see 22 Jump Street in theaters starting June 13th!

4. Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys
I watched the Broadway smash hit Jersey Boys when it came to San Francisco last year and fell in love with it, so I was excited when I found out that it was going to be adapted into a film. Directed by Clint Eastwood, this lush cinematic take on the musical chronicling The Four Seasons looks like it’s going to be as delightful and tense as the stage production it’s based on. According to IMDB.com, Mr. Eastwood refused to put Hollywood actors into the leading roles and opted to cast mostly stage actors who had experience playing the main characters. One of these actors is Michael Lomenda, who will be reprising his role as Nick Massi. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael at the stage door last year, and it’s going to be pretty cool to see him on the big screen. Check out the trailer below and the film when it comes out on June 20th!

 featured photo credit: gregverdino via photopin cc

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