May Must-Haves

May Must-Haves - bannerMother’s Day and graduation ceremonies are upon us in May and while I’m not a mother nor a new grad, I can still celebrate my mom and celebrate friends who are graduating. Honestly, my May must-have list has absolutely nothing to do with either Mother’s Day or graduation in my personal life. But hey, maybe you want to give Mom some unique photo gifts, or take your favorite new grad to see one of the season’s hottest blockbusters or give them something fresh other than a floral lei. Maybe this list will give you some ideas. Check out what I’m craving this month, and let me know what you’re digging too!

photo credit: 22Fresh
photo credit: 22Fresh

1. 22Fresh Tanks
I first heard about the lifestyle/sports apparel brand 22Fresh through the Twitter pages of Logan Morrison, Bryce Harper, and Amanda McCarthy. I’m not sure why I never got anything else from them other than The Social iPhone case inspired by Amanda, but I’m definitely getting a few of their new women’s tank tops from their Spring/Summer ’14 collection. I love that they’re long and flowy and come in simple but attractive colors and branding. I already purchased the one pictured above, as well as this grey one. Their classic tanks look awesome too. Whether you choose the new or old styles, they’re perfect for working out, going out, or just lounging at home!
(TIP: If you place an order over $50 by the end of TODAY, May 2nd, you’ll get free shipping! No promo code needed. Get in on it!)

photo credit: Printstagram / Social Print Studio
photo credit: Printstagram / Social Print Studio

2. Printstagram Prints
I realized that my wall of photos is super outdated, but most of my recent shots are on my Instagram account and won’t come out well on traditional glossy or matte photo paper. Social Print Studio‘s Printstagram service makes it incredibly easy to print out your photos and they offer an uber-adorable range of unique products you can give to yourself or someone else. Their popular Prints offer a smooth matte finish on quality paper and come in four styles: Squares, Minisquares, Photostrips, and Miniprints. While the squares and minisquares are most suited for my personal decorating style, the photostrips and miniprints do rock. I especially love the little-Polaroid style of the miniprints—you can handwrite captions or little notes at the bottom to truly make them your own. I also love that you can make and purchase posters and photobooks. The Minibooks and Tinybooks look as cute as their names suggest! You won’t be able to print out photos from someone else’s Instagram account, but if you do have photos featuring them on your account, Mom or your favorite grad will definitely appreciate a print or a few or another Printstagram gift. You can even give them a Printstagram gift card so they can create something sweet from their Instagram account! Every product is sure to thrill.

photo credit: Marvel
photo credit: Marvel

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past
I’ve been so excited for this film since it was announced. As many of you know, I’m simply a huge fan of superhero movies, and X-Men: Days of Future Past is no exception. Seeing the trailers always get me pumped up, and I’m loving how this film is going to bring the cast and characters of the older X-Men films with those of 2011’s X-Men: First Class, which I loved immensely. I’m most looking forward to seeing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Michael Fassbender as young Erik Lensherr/Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde—I always love watching those four on the big screen.


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