Influenster VoxBox Reviews: The Dove VoxBox and The J’Adore VoxBox

DISCLOSURE: I received the products described in this post complimentary for testing purposes from

My good friend Tania gave me an invite late last year for a wicked cool website called Influenster. Influenster gathers tastemakers and social media mavens who are very outspoken, particularly about brands, products, and experiences. The site partners with well-known and up-and-coming brands for product samples (Usually full-sized!) and sends them to qualified Influensters (Based on their influence across social media and the Influenster site, demographics, and products they have or have not tried per survey responses) to test for free and review on their social networks. Who doesn’t love freebies?! I personally love them, and I also love trying new things, so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to participate in this super-sweet program.

A little over a month ago, I received Influenster’s Dove VoxBox, which contained a sample of Dove Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture Nourished Beauty Deodorant. I’ve used Dove products on-and-off since I was quite young, as my parents used to buy the beauty bars a lot, but I was always used to buying other brands of deodorant.

Influenster Dove VoxBox

However, after testing out the Dove deodorant I received, I will definitely consider making it my regular brand, even though I believe the price is a little bit on the higher end of the spectrum (Though it’s likely because the product and packaging size is fairly large). Dove Advanced Care deodorant is marketed through the claim that 36 percent of what you remove when shaving your pits is skin (BLAH, I know, gross in so many ways), so the deodorant works harder than ordinary deodorants to moisturize and restore nutrients to those delicate parts of your body. I’ve definitely noticed the difference. The deodorant is soothing, feels great, and smells fresh, just like Dove’s beauty bars and premium products. The cons of the product: I don’t feel like it protects you for 48 hours from perspiration. Then again, maybe I’m just more prone to sweating (Gross again!). Also, I prefer gel/clear deodorants as white solids such as this one leave a bit of a residue, so if you also prefer gel/clear deodorants, then Dove Advanced Care may not be for you. However, for the care it provides, I can look past that.


A couple of weeks later, I received the J’Adore Vox Box from Influenster, filled with indulgent treats just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Influenster J'Adore VoxBox (Instagram)
Originally from my Instagram

First, I went for the Hershey Kisses. I was beyond excited that they offered a HUGE family-sized bag with lots and lots of Kisses! I’m pretty sure my siblings and I ate them all up within days. All the Kisses were wrapped up in red, silver, and pink foil to go along adorably and elegantly with the Valentine’s Day theme. I haven’t had Kisses in so long, but they remind me of Valentine’s Day as a kid when exchanging cards and candy in the classroom was all the rage, as well as receiving them while trick-or-treating during Halloween. The bite-sized bits of pure Hershey’s chocolate is irresistible and addicting. Definitely my favorite item in this VoxBox!

Hershey Kisses


Next, I tried the Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask from Boots.

(/Buster Bluth voice) I'M A MONSTER!!!!
(/Buster Bluth voice) I’M A MONSTER!!!!

I only tried one other kind of clay mask before – I honestly do not think of using them very much. I used the Boots Botanics clay mask for a couple of weeks. This is what the description for this particular product says, straight from the brand’s website:

This mineral-rich oceanic clay mask contains a negative electrical charge which acts like a magnet, helping to draw deep-rooted impurities out of the skin without drying. Its hydrating and oil absorbing properties leave skin soft, smooth and wonderfully cleansed.

Electrical charge?! Damn, no wonder my skin was feeling so unpleasantly tingly and tight and full of ouchies. The formula also came out really nasty. The best part of using the product was removing the thing. My face felt rejuvenated and pretty much all the other adjectives in the description above. But I did feel some dryness again within the next day or two. I’m not sure if that had to do with the mask or just my skin itself. It wasn’t a terrible product and maybe I just need to use it more often, but I don’t think it did much good for me, personally.


The next product I tried from the VoxBox was the John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray. Not to brag or anything, but I already know I have this amazing long thick hair that everyone loves and wants and I don’t do anything with it. Straightening my hair just to use this product reminded me why I just hastily brush and blow-dry it and let nature take its course—too much labor! BUT this straight flat iron spray is truly a miracle worker! It not only smoothed out my hair and lessened the frizz, but it also made my hair feel weightless and it stayed straight for the entire evening.

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray sampleot

John Frieda Frizz Ease - Day 1 results
Long hurrr all straight and silky right after using the spray.

However, my hair gained back its wave the next morning, so I don’t know if it really lasts for three days.

The Wave :(
The Wave 😦

Despite the mishap, this is a product I will try again when straightening my hair—maybe if I decide to cut my hair a little bit shorter.


I then tried out the selection of Red Rose Teas. I believe my box came with three or four bags of Creme Caramel and one of decaf Lemon Chiffon.

Red Rose Tea

The teas are from the brand’s “simply indulgent” line, which is mostly inspired by breakfast treats and desserts. I love the uniqueness of the flavors. However, I did not like the Creme Caramel tea, though I think I might like it with milk. Caramel and black tea alone simply just did not sit right with me. However, I LOVED the Lemon Chiffon tea. I guess it’s more typical since lemon is an ordinary tea flavor, but I loved the light, airy, tasty, and distinct cake taste. Towards the bottom of the mug, it gets stronger and more lemon-y. I’m not really a tea person but if the Lemon Chiffon flavor was more available, I’d be happy to have a cup of it in my hand!


Finally, there were the KISS Lashes which I’m not sure if I should review because I didn’t really have much of an experience with them. I never really had a need or desire to wear false lashes but of course, I wanted to try the product out. First, I wanted to wear them for my boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law’s birthday pub crawl, but forgot about them. I had another opportunity to wear them to the CAAMFest Opening Night gala but the experience went awry as I had too much trouble with the application and had to throw them out. Nope, not well-equipped to wear those things. Let me just stick with my hassle-free mascara.

File photo from - these were the ones I got except they were the "Shy" not "Flirty" cut.
File photo from – these were the ones I got except they were the “Shy” not “Flirty” cut.


All in all, both boxes had some really nice products. I thought the product selection for the J’adore VoxBox was perfect for Valentine’s Day, even though there were a couple of things I likely will not use again. What a great way to make a lady feel special!

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