This Weekend, I Realized That…

Union Square Overhead

…San Francisco is an even more incredible city for making a little boy’s dream of saving Gotham City come true, and that everyone should aspire to be a hero like Batkid.

…Thor really wanted a new hairstyle for his incredibly awesome sequel.

…the portions served at The Cheesecake Factory will always be too much but delicious.

…a spontaneous trip to Union Square with siblings can expose you to some pretty rad street musicians and spectacular sights of the city at night.

…I really want to go ice skating again, although I still have irrational fears of falling and breaking vital body parts.

…the 49ers are starting to make me feel the same way the Giants did all this last season, which actually reaffirms my love for them.

…staying in on Sundays to watch football and try to catch up on work are making me sad—gotta catch up earlier in the week so I can go out more on those days!

…on the contrary, some lazy mornings and afternoons in are never enough, and I’m very lucky to spend them with someone who makes me feel that way.

(PHOTO CREDIT: My Instagram)

One thought on “This Weekend, I Realized That…

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Union Square, and witnessed some performing street musician–Brilliant!
    While you were at it, I hope you took the time to enjoy the Holiday Market, and City Bakery for, I swear by this, the best Hot Chocolate!



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