Chronicling My Wisdom Teeth Removal and Recovery

As kind as most of the ones I’ve had have been, there are two kinds of health professionals I absolutely dread seeing: those who deal with my lady parts and those who deal with my teeth. Having your teeth extracted is the worst it gets when it comes to the dentist, particularly wisdom teeth. I kind of screwed myself over by not getting them pulled out sooner due to my disdain for going to the dentist and later, not having the proper health coverage to go to one. My solution was going to a dental school to get all my treatment and going on a nice little payment plan. Getting my wisdom teeth out was one of my main dental issues but due to my fear of immense pain, I continued to hold it off until recently when the tooth on my top left started giving me grief.

And so a routine surgery that I was beyond nervous about took place yesterday morning. I opted for nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) as my general anesthetic, which made me feel like I was spinning around and on air. I recall wishing how much I could get my phone and update my Facebook status or text my dude friend and be all like “YEAH! DRUGS!” but that was as crazy as it got for me. No “Is this real life?”-caliber dealios. I couldn’t feel any pain but I had an awareness of what was going on. I knew that my two top teeth came out quickly but the bottom left tooth (I only had three total taken out—a tooth next to my bottom right wisdom tooth was extracted last year due to massive decay so my dentist thought there was no need to extract that one) involved some cutting and more complex techniques.

I looked like this after my surgery:

Post Wisdom-Teeth Removal

Just a mouth full of gauze. Ice pack to the left cheek not pictured.

Surprisingly, the worst pain I experienced was about an hour or two after the surgery, on that left cheek where two out of the three teeth were located. I felt like a baby and wanted to cry but the anesthetic hadn’t completely worn off and all that gauze in my mouth kept me from throwing a tantrum. And even more surprisingly, I never got my prescription painkillers since the dentist who performed the extraction forgot to write what dosage I needed (Very kind guy and dentist but what a bonehead!). I only needed to take two Tylenol all day yesterday.

I made my parents buy me chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream, applesauce, chicken broth, and milk (So I can make mac and cheese). I planned to make some scrambled eggs as my first post-surgery food but my dad offered to make them for me instead. However, the eggs he made didn’t look so scrambled, and even after cutting them into tinier pieces, they were quite hard to eat.

Not-so-scrambled eggs made with love by Dad!
Not-so-scrambled eggs made with love by Dad!

In between meals (Dinner was the mac and cheese but I could only finish half my bowl since the pasta was tough — no bueno!), lots of ice cream, pudding, and APPLESAUCE (Most comforting recovery food!) was consumed. My relaxation consisted of watching Man of Steel and parts of Thor and No Strings Attached (2011 Natalie Portman mini-mini marathon). A nap from 6PM-8PM, then sleep from about 10PM-9AM. Drugs, yo.

I wanted to write just a little bit about the surgery and the steps I’m taking towards recovery so you all can be like “NO KAREN, DON’T DO THAT!” or if I’m doing it right, then hopefully I am helping someone who experienced the same fear and anxiety I had and putting their mind at ease. I’ll be updating this post for the next week with my progress (or new symptoms) and the things I’m eating and doing. Feel free to chime in and share your own ideas and experiences!

Still smiling through little pain and angst over not being able to eat solid foods.
Still smiling through little pain and angst over not being able to eat solid foods.

DAY 1 (Wednesday, 11.13.13) – SURGERY DAY:
*This is pretty much just an easier-to-read summary of the items I discussed above.
AFTERNOON – Scrambled eggs, two scoops of vanilla ice cream
SNACKS – Mott’s Applesauce (About 2-3 cups of natural and cinnamon flavors)
EVENING – Macaroni and cheese

FEELING: Pain and swelling was the worst in about first five hours post-surgery. Changed gauze every hour till 3PM (Lunch time). Ice pack applied from surgery completion to about 4 or 5PM.
NOTES: Nap (6PM to 8PM) and early rest (10PM)

DAY 2 (Thursday, 11.14.13):
MORNING – Dad’s soup with pasta and chicken
EVENING – Totally forgot. Whoops.

FEELING: Left cheek still a little bit sore
NOTES: Starting to rinse mouth with salt water today. Two Tylenol at night.

DAY 3 (Friday, 11.15.13):
MORNING – Scrambled eggs, chocolate pudding, small Caribbean Passion Jamba Juice (with a spoon)
EVENING – Cut-up rotisserie chicken breast, steamed carrots (very soft), pesto pasta salad (Thank you, man friend <3)
SNACK – Chocolate frozen yogurt

FEELING: Left cheek still a tiny bit sore and puffy
NOTES: Two Tylenol in the morning

DAY 4  (Saturday, 11.16.13)
MORNING – Scrambled eggs with cheese, buttered toast (Not hard, but couldn’t finish as bread was still a little tough to chew)
EVENING – Cheesecake Factory! Bread and butter (Avoided crust), stuffed chicken tortillas, chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake, and apple juice. Simple to consume but had to take home due to big portions.

FEELING: Alright, but can’t tell if food is stuck in the areas or if that’s just the areas healing up. GROSS.

DAY 5 (Saturday, 11.17.13)
MORNING – Leftover stuffed chicken tortillas, chocolate pudding

UPDATE 11.20.13: I did a really crappy job updating this thing, but I’m doing pretty well now, y’all! However, I think one of the stitches may have dismantled? Kind of hurt me for a little bit!

Thanks for following this post and for all your well-wishes!

7 thoughts on “Chronicling My Wisdom Teeth Removal and Recovery

    1. I think two out of my three were erupted so that’s why I’m not feeling as much pain as I anticipated. Feel bad for those who have had more taken out or experienced more difficulty during the procedure/recovery!


  1. Hi John! I am very sorry for the long delay in responding to your comment. I haven’t logged into WordPress in a really long time. Yes, my mouth felt pretty dirty. All that blood, man! However, the salt water didn’t irritate me all that much. But I was stoked when I could finally brush my teeth and rinse my mouth normally! If you got your wisdom teeth pulled out recently, I hope it went well. 🙂


  2. That is the biggest benefit of getting your wisdom teeth removed. All the ice cream! At least, it’s the best besides all the future problems you save yourself from having to deal with.


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