Levo League’s Beautiful and Innovative New App Makes Resume Building a Little Bit Easier

Levo Resume ScreenshotIt’s funny and ironic how I found out about the Levo Resume Builder.  I typed in the name of the website I’ve been trying to work at for the past couple of years in a Twitter search and saw that someone had Tweeted an article about the app from that website. Now, I’m still skeptical if the app would allow me to get a job at that particular company, but if I find myself at a job fair or randomly meet someone who’s a recruiter or connected to someone, I may not have a hard copy of my resume to give to them. But thanks to the brilliance and convenience of the iPhone app created by Levo League, I can email them the resume I created straight from my phone in addition to handing them my business card to follow up (Not included with the app).

Marketed towards Gen-Y women, the Levo Resume Builder solves that problem—of not being able to hand off a resume when you have the opportunity—and more. It makes the process of creating a resume seamless. You can sign in with your LinkedIn account and the app will import your work experience, and you can remove any jobs that may be irrelevant to the position you’re seeking or for any reason or edit any job descriptions. It will also import your education, and you can add and edit your contact info, skills/expertise, and links to your websites, portfolios, and social media profiles. In the process, you can admire the gorgeous headings (With pretty pictures and pretty fonts!) for each section.

Levo Resume App Screenshot

There is much more to love about the app than the simplicity and aesthetics. Aside from being an app to allow you to create and save resumes on-the-go, the Levo Resume Builder allows you to create, save, and name different versions of your resume. This works great for me, since I send a slightly altered resume for community management and customer service-oriented positions than the primary one I usually send for strictly editorial positions. I also use a public version of my resume that doesn’t contain my home address, phone number, and email address. With Levo League’s app, I can just erase things by checking and unchecking boxes on my screen. No more messing with type! You can do that with every section—maybe you want your headshot featured on one version of your resume and only certain skills featured on another—and you can also create and feature Personal Statements for each version, stating your career objectives for that particular resume. When you’ve added, removed, and ordered the elements to your liking, you can share/export with three options: download as a PDF, email the link to somebody, or copy the shortlink to share on your social media profiles. TA-DA! You’ve now mastered the art of resume building—the modern way!

Here’s a resume I built through the app. I know, it shouldn’t be two pages. Blame it on the skills!

For those ready to take their resumes to the next level, the Levo Career Tips module gives you valuable advice at your fingertips and in-app. You can read up on a variety of topics straight from the Levo community about how to maximize your resume-building experience and all things career, from creating an online portfolio and nailing cover letters to how to make the most of job fairs and what to do if you’re unemployed. They’re excellent reading material for anytime. Personally, I’m more psyched that this app introduced me to Levo League. The resume building app is just a small part of what they’re doing for career-oriented Gen-Y women. However, Levo League is all about building communities and connecting Gen-Y women to each other and with mentors. Every week, they host a 30-minute webcast called Office Hours which brings industry leaders to Levo League members for an interactive Q&A session. Additionally, you can search for jobs on the site and join a local Levo League chapter to virtually connect with and meet up with fellow members in your area. Of course, you can also access the same articles as seen in your Resume Builder app, and more of them.

I do have some tech-related grievances related to the app and hope they can be addressed and improved upon in an update:

  • When the app was first released a month ago, some of the loading times were slow for me, particularly near the end where it pretty much froze as I was getting ready to share my resume. An update was available just a few weeks ago to fix this bug. I haven’t noticed the difference yet because I haven’t had to go back to that final step, but hopefully that issue is now resolved.
  • Since I signed up using my LinkedIn account, I have to enter my LinkedIn info pretty much every time I open the app. I don’t know if the app won’t allow for automated sign-in unless you registered directly with Levo League, but it’s annoying nonetheless.
  • Scrolling through the curated content sucks. If you go all the way to the bottom of the page to try to load more, it will go back to the top for no reason. Sucks. Try to scroll slowly.
  • The biggest flaw in my opinion is that while the LinkedIn import does automatically import the core elements of a resume (Education and experience), it does not import your skills/expertise so yes, you will have to type those in manually and one-by-one and it will be a royal pain.

Although it’s not necessary,  I would also like to eventually see options to change fonts and colors, particularly for the headings. While the signature Levo purple/black/grey scheme is simple, gorgeous, and gets the job done, small customizations would allow users to create resumes that are more “them.” After all, resumes should be reflections of people.

The Levo Resume app is available for free (Another great thing about it!) on the iPhone in the App Store. I hear that the folks at Levo are working on an Android version as well. Ladies, I highly recommend you download it so that you can always have your resume in your pocket or purse, or at least join Levo League and become part of a smart and friendly community of fellow women to help you accelerate your careers.

If you’ve already downloaded the Levo Resume app, I’d love to know what you think!

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