“I’ve Got That Summertime, Summertime Sadness”

Bellagio BridgeIt’s been looking a bit dry out here lately, and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been too busy or too lazy. The last entry I wrote gave you all a sneak peek into all the amazing things I had planned for the summer and some have come and passed, mostly with the positive and uplifting outcomes we expected. I still have a draft waiting to be filled with words, photos, and links from my Vegas trip a couple of weeks ago, but we’ll see what happens with that. I’d love to put that up there and tell you all about it (What happened in Vegas wasn’t scandalous enough to stay in Vegas!).

Nothing will ever take away the wonderful memories that have made its way into my heart. But what a trying week it has been, both for the world and for me, personally. With George Zimmerman walking free in the murder trial of Trayvon Martin and the sudden passing of beloved Glee star Cory Monteith (You might also see a separate post from me about that second item), outrage and sadness has been prevalent out there and across the Web.

Meanwhile, I am writing this blog at 9:30PM PST with a stuffy head, ears, and nose. On Sunday, I could hardly get  out of bed, and I had every flu-like symptom in the book. I only went to work once this week on Wednesday, and I left early when my cough starting coming back pretty hard. I’m trying to salvage myself so I can get paid for at least one full day this week.

When you’re sick—and not just like wimpy runny nose sick but like “I just want my mommy to make me chicken soup and feed it to me and sponge bathe me too” sick—you just feel really down about everything ever. Maybe rewatching your favorite childhood movies and catching up on the newest season of Arrested Development on Netflix will give you a temporary dose of happy. Then you run your daily job search terms on your iPhone only to come up with absolutely nothing again and again, and you just want to ram your head through a pane of glass. Your quarter-life crisis is so much more amplified when you’re already feeling helpless and drowning in a pool of self-pity. I (Which is what “you” and “your” was referring to in this paragraph, obviously—but YOU feel the same way too, right?) am more convinced than ever that I should just become a clown. Or move to New York. Or become a clown in New York. Because entry-level journalism/media jobs in the Bay Area are nowhere to be found, unless you love tech and video games, and although I do love both, I am nowhere near qualified to speak eloquently about them. Whoops, my head’s getting stuffy again. Let’s table this continuing discussion of frustration, shall we?

Despite this painful slump in the season, there’s still a lot to smile about, and really, the good things have outweighed the shitty. For starters, though the Giants have had a terrible first half, Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres last week. When a guy like him has been through so much on one team as he has, it’s difficult to not feel so much excitement and happiness for that one person. And so what if it was against the last-place Padres? Tell me about the last time they got no-hit this season, and I’ll let you off the hook!

But as far as non-baseball things go, remember when I wrote about connecting with my match from speed dating? I emailed him, he asked me out, and now I can say I’ve experienced the most fun and romantic month of my life so far. It’s another kind of thing I can’t really find any words for, but in a good way. All I know, all I feel right now is gratitude for him and for whatever forces are at work here. To just feel this way about someone and to know that they like being with you as much as you like being with them—that is something that I rarely experience. It’s pretty damn fantastic.

Well, it’s time to finally beat this bug. I’ll be back to greet you all again soon.

(PHOTO CREDIT: The bridge at the Bellagio Conservatory in Vegas | My Flickr)

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