Whirlwind Days and Nights of Summer

Best strawberry margarita EVAH at the Ke$ha concert. The glass is actually in the shape of a long guitar!
Best strawberry margarita EVAH at the Ke$ha concert. The glass is actually in the shape of a long guitar!

I had my social calendar filled up for June months in advance, but I just can’t believe how much I’ve already experienced. There have been some surprises, some pleasant and others not so, and there is still a lot left in the month to live out.

Some of what I’ve learned from these insanely fun (Yet busy! And just a little bit testy) past couple of weeks:

  • If you don’t like the people you work with, I don’t know what you’re doing. We fondly bid farewell to one of ours and celebrated one who hit a milestone birthday. Ramen, American comfort food, lots of liquor, a jukebox, and little beanbags have made for a couple of uproarious and unforgettable evenings that have brought me so much closer to the folks I spend eight hours a day with.
  • Even with a brand new touring company, I still have the time of my life when I watch American Idiot. Long solo commutes on public transit to San Jose and going for a solo walk downtown can be soothing for the soul too.
  • You’re never too old to enjoy a day at the county fair. When you’re enjoying unlimited thrill rides, blowing off dollar bills trying to win cheap stuffed toys, munching on curly fries, deep fried Oreos, and candy apples, and being surrounded by livestock and petting zoo animals, every worry is left at home without question (However, there is a fear of enjoying the rides too much, if you catch my drift. It almost happened to me too!).
  • Speed dating is quite an adventure.
  • Ke$ha really knows how to throw one hell of a show, and with her music, every day is a party!
  • Never attend an aunt’s 60th birthday party in “business casual” clothes when everyone else is dressed in semi-formal attire. Just assume that even when it’s not written on the invitation. Also, always have cash on hand just in case there’s a cash bar.
  • Oh, and baby news is the best as long as it’s not happening to me (I’m still 12 going on 24, you hear?): Congrats to my cousin and her husband—they’re expecting their first child later this year!
  • Sometimes you just gotta let nature takes its course…
  • And other times, you have to go with what’s practical rather than what might be good for you. I think I made the right decision even though it breaks my heart. I might have let one get away for now as things are looking bleak again, but I still live with a little blind optimism that soon I can finally feel a little more settled in my life.

Up next, I have a She and Him concert to attend, a few days in Vegas for my best friend’s 25th birthday, and hopefully I can catch up on my summer blockbuster-watching. I do have Giants games booked, but for July.

A lot of this has actually been stressful for me (Because I’m forever broke and not really sure how I’m going to handle the days in Vegas on a limited budget, LOL me), and emotional. But if I’m enjoying myself and surrounded by the people that matter to me the most,  I can only feel bliss and gratitude that I can have these moments.

I think this might already be one of my most favorite summers in my life. Sure looks promising!

(PHOTO CREDITS: My Flickr [Ferris Wheel] and Instagram [Margies])

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