All About My Dad

Me, my dad, and my sister at AT&T Park after a Giants game in May.
Me, my dad, and my sister at AT&T Park after a Giants game in May.

My dad, like my mom, has been incredibly supportive of me and my dreams throughout my entire life, so I wanted to blog a few basic facts and favorite (and not-so-favorite!) things about him to introduce him in the ways I know him best as.

Basically, this is all you need to know about the main man in my life—how we’re the same, how we’re not, what he was like when I was a wee child, and why he still rocks 20+ years later:

  • He’s the parent with the bigger family—he’s one of seven kids, so I have a lot of first cousins from that side. The gatherings are always big and loud.
  • He went to high school in SF and shortly afterwards, did a stint with the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany.
  • He had interest in studying political science post-high school, which explains why he has a lot of strong opinions on politics and current events (Which I listen to and respond to occasionally if I’m feeling it).
  • He loves betting on horse racing. He used to always take me and the sibs to Bay Meadows so he could get it done. Not the most kid-friendly place but damn, it was still fun and legit and the ride to San Mateo was always fun too. Horsies! Concession stands! Arcade games! The tunnel! PRISTINE BATHROOMS! I really miss that place. Now like everything else ever in our digital world, he has to do the betting online.
  • He can cook! He loves making food and sharing it as much as he loves eating it. My favorite has always been and is when he cooks spaghetti. The sauce has an extra kick to it.
  • He’s one of the most knowledgeable people to talk about Giants baseball with, but when it comes to 49ers football, I’ll just say we butt heads pretty hard when it comes to a certain former starting quarterback.
  • He underwent a liver transplant in 2007, and that hospital stay beforehand was very trying for everyone in the family. However, aside from having to take medicine everyday, you would’ve never suspected that he had serious health problems. He’s as energetic and cheerful as ever (Although most times, he’s still doing that horse racing thing and singing karaoke and not much else)!
  • But when I was younger, he was the parent that came up with the cool ideas. He was usually the one that came up with the family vacation destinations and brought us to places like Discovery Zone on weekdays and movies on weekends.

I’m truly blessed that my dad took good care of me and my siblings and continues to be a positive influence in my life. I guess I get my love for sports, movies, and news from him, although I hope I can soon perfect that spaghetti recipe of his…once I actually get around to even cooking actual food in the first place. Also, he really battled through all those things that messed with his physical being, and I’m infinitely even more thankful for him.

Much love and appreciation, Dad! And for all the fathers and father figures out there, thank you for all you do. It’s one of the absolute best qualities for men to love and care for their children and help raise them well. Happy Father’s Day to you all!

(And Happy Father’s Day to my maternal and paternal grandfathers—gone but never forgotten.)

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