Beginning My Quest to Get Fit

TreadmillI don’t have a car (And am terrified to drive alone anyway, although I hope to do so this year), so I’ve always used walking everywhere as an excuse for exercise. I also don’t have a lot of health problems. However, when I went to the doctor for the first time in a while a couple of months ago, I was shocked to find out that I gained about 15-20 pounds since my last visit about three years ago.

I’ve always been pretty comfortable in my body, but my bulging (Though fluctuating) midsection has bugged me the most, as well as my short and fatty thighs and calves, although some people have said it might be muscle. I don’t know. But my midsection has made me really self-conscious.

I thought I never really needed to go to a gym, that I could do some simple exercises at home or go for a run out in my neighborhood. But as I found out, the house can be too small to exercise in and the neighborhood isn’t ideal for running (Too many hills, too many cars). As we all know too, gym memberships are a monetary investment, and personally with the wages I’m making and my spending habits, my wallet isn’t quite ready for it yet. So, it’s really nice when LivingSocial puts up deals for one-month gym memberships at a super-low price. Earlier this year, I purchased a $39 one-month membership for Crunch and just started it a couple of weeks ago. One of the personal trainers showed me how to do a few exercises but honestly, I did not find them useful. I’m pretty rigid on the workouts I’d like to do.

A couple months ago, I purchased a resistance band and started doing these exercises at home on-and-off. I still plan on doing them as part of my regimen a couple of times a week. At Crunch, I’m mostly there another couple of times a week to use the cardio machines for a little under an hour at a time. I don’t know if it’s too much or enough. I’d like to try the classes, but I haven’t really taken a look at the schedule.

The representative who signed me up along with the personal trainer asked what my fitness goals are. I’d like to lose ten pounds and not have a gut anymore. Going to Vegas in the next couple of weeks was the main motivation and obviously, that’s not going to happen right away, but mentally it’ll feel better for me knowing that I’m trying to. I’d still love to continue my membership after the one month is up, but if not, I hope I can still feel motivated to get regular workouts in my daily routine somehow.

The hardest part will be the food. I love eating a lot and I love eating the most terrible food a lot. I always think I can work it off but working out doesn’t quite work that way, does it? The whole “eat better” thing shall be a saga in itself.

Here’s to looking and feeling better and being into working out as much as everyone in my age range seems to be! Wish me luck.

(PHOTO CREDIT: E.C. Campbell Photography)

2 thoughts on “Beginning My Quest to Get Fit

  1. Emma

    All you can do is work hard to be as healthy as you can. As long as you try to choose better meals now and again and you try to go to the gym when it strikes you, you’ll be okay. It’s hard to force it, though. You gotta want to be there! 🙂

    I’ll be cheering you on! Also, I think you’re terribly brave for actually going for a gym. Wii Fit+ and YouTube trainers are my particular poison, LOL.



    1. Thanks Emma 🙂 My gym membership expires this week so I’m really bummed about that but hopefully I can make up for it by doing exercises at home and getting runs in. Still need to try improving on that eating thing though.


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