Blogger Problems (The Karen On Edition)

Writer Problems
This is true—So much gauze in my wastebaskets.

When you work full-time, live at home with your noisy family, and you find that your mind is simply all over the place when you do have a spare moment, it’s hard to write. If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll make time for it and it’ll simply become a part of your routine. Apparently, I don’t try hard enough. Going to work and then going home to clean the house or whatever are my priorities. Then I watch the baseball game for about three hours (For some reason, I can NEVER turn off the game. The Giants can be down by 100 runs and I’ll still sit there and burn. Those bastards have made a masochist of me.) or drown in profound sadness that I can’t find a job listing online worth applying to—sometimes both.

But sometimes, after I’m done Facebooking/Tweeting/social networking, catching up on news, and watching funny/cute videos, I’m at a loss for things to write about. When I prepared to relaunch this blog, I created a Google spreadsheet with potential topics to blog and I continue to add to it, but when I look at them, I just think they’re terrible ideas. Maybe they’re not timely. Maybe they’re petty. Maybe they’ll cause a war. Basically, it hasn’t done much for me.

Is that the worst of it? Let’s also talk about the fact that I have a very bulky laptop that only runs on electricity and I only have one place in this entire house to write—the dining room, which also happens to have a TV and is where my sister also works on her laptop. Despite being two stories, my house is actually small, and I share my room with my sister. Since there are no tables (Seriously, you’d have to put it in the middle and that would be inconvenient for my brother, whose room is right next to ours, right through the curtain. PLOT TWIST!), I only have my bed and my bed is not suited for working on my bulky laptop which only runs on electricity. Oh, and something else about my dining room? My retiree dad sings karaoke ALL DAY and well late into evening in the next room. I honestly do not remember how I got through those nights of writing papers in high school and college AND my early unpaid writing/blogging career.

I’m not angry about all of this. Having any job at all, a roof over my head, a loving family, and being busy with other things means I have a pretty great life. I only wanted to write about why I don’t write more often than I want to. It was actually supposed to be rather light-hearted and then it ended up sounding kind of bitchy in the last paragraph, which I didn’t mean for it to be. Anyway, moving on: let’s take a deeper look into what other problems I have when I blog…or try to:

  • Writing a catchy and clickable title. Why should it be basic and boring when I can incorporate a cute little pun?!
  • Finding a good, usable, PERFECTLY SIZED image to use as a Featured Image, especially in the slider. I swear, sometimes this little step is the worst of it!
  • Figuring out what goes in the Publicize (What gets posted on Facebook and Twitter) and excerpt boxes. Again, basic and boring usually doesn’t cut it.
  • Having so many great ideas that I forget because I don’t think to write them down or use my fail of a spreadsheet.
  • Putting off a post because it’s already 2AM and I have to work early in the morning.
  • Not being a morning person so starting, finishing, or working on a post before I shower and get ready for work  is not an option (Getting up early for work is a challenge in itself).
  • Not being able to write and watch a Giants game at the same time because that just doesn’t happen. Tweeting and watching the game at the same time takes less thought and effort though!

I probably put off a lot of hiring managers with those bullet points.

Maybe I’ll start a Kickstarter campaign to build my own writing quarters by converting my crawl-in closet. That would work if a Kickstarter campaign could buy time.

(PHOTO CREDITS: CollegeDegrees360 [featured]; someecards)

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