Three Things Mom Told Me That I Never Believed (Until I Did)

Mom and me at a Christmas party in 2010.
Mom and me at a Christmas party in 2010.

When I was a little girl, I never really thought that I was just like my mom. She was just Mom, always working at her job and cleaning the house and playing Mah Jong and singing karaoke on her days off, and I was me, going to school and doing my homework under her watchful eye even when she wasn’t home. When I grew up and became even more snotty than I was back then, she would constantly tell me the same things (Either seriously or in a joking manner) that would tick me off. As much as you love her, your mom gives you advice and predictions about your life that you do not want to believe. Then you have an epiphany that they were right and you slap yourself because you would rather leave that red mark on your face than ever admit you were wrong.

Well, here I am admitting what Mommy was right about:

1. You’re not going to drive or have a boyfriend until you’re 25.
In my last post, I talked about nearing a milestone birthday and not doing or having things I should have done or had earlier in my life, at least according to what society is used to. My mom always chastised for me for never having enough time to practice my driving while I had my permit and when I did have the time, she told me that I had a lot to work on. As for the boyfriend thing, you know, most Filipino parents want you to concentrate on finishing school first before even thinking about dating and relationships. Of course, not everyone follows that rule. For me, I just never really had a choice. Guys never really wanted to date me and I was too fearful to ever do the asking myself. Those I did date, I never really was interested in a long-term relationship with any of them, for a multitude of reasons that will be saved for another post. But maybe being brave enough to get in the driver’s seat and having your first boyfriend happens at the age those things happened to your mom. In that case, my luck will totally turn around after August. Or, maybe it really is a genetic thing only for me.

2. You can’t move out until you have a stable job.
This is a no-duh, but while I know many people who have to get by on a minimum-wage job that they don’t really like, my mom’s words and my own experiences have me realizing that I need much more than just something that pays. I need to care deeply about going to work everyday. I need to be in a position where I am not expendable. If the employer can offer me benefits too, great! The best part about this bullet point is that sometimes my mom actually asks me what I’m still doing at home, so I tell her, “Well, you told me this…”

3. “You’re just like your mom.”
We’re all human and we all have flaws. My mom does and says things that annoy and frustrate me and I do and say things that annoy and frustrate her, and they’re pretty much the exact same things. But I inherit my best qualities from my mom too. She’s passionate about her work and dedicating her time and effort to those close to her. She’s also empowered to make her own decisions, like the one she made last year to retire from a job she held for about 30+ years. Now she’s taking classes to develop some life skills, like how to properly use a computer so she doesn’t call me every hour asking how to open a document in Microsoft Word. Mom taught me that when one road ends, you can always begin a new adventure. Oh, and as much as I am ashamed that both of us yell at baseball players through TV screens and panic about losing things when they’re actually only in our pockets or purses, at least I’ll probably still look ten years younger when I reach her age. Yay genetics (again)!

With that, I am so grateful to my mom for all she did and does for me and our family and there aren’t enough words to express that in a single blog post. To all the mothers out there, hope you enjoyed this beautiful and special day and may you feel loved, blessed, and appreciated every day of every year!

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