Jim Harbaugh, I Know How You Feel

Yesterday, there was some football. I got brunch with my brother at a food truck place with lots of other football fans, then got tipsy AND had some ice cream at home. My San Francisco 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game 28-24. It was a beautiful day in America.

I can write a bunch of blog posts about Sunday, but the most important thing (Aside from the Niners winning) is that Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t shy about making his feelings known. He sure made it clear after a catch by Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas was upheld:

Objectively speaking, the ball touched the ground, so he had the right to be angry. But my oh my, you would have thought he was a child in a 40-something’s body after his daddy didn’t buy him a tricycle. Or even a bag of Skittles.

However, let us not make fun of him and just own up to the fact that we all still throw tantrums just like Harbaugh. Pissed-off overreacting Harbaugh is me when Giants pitchers give up about five runs in a game. He is me when I find out a favorite Hollywood hottie is getting married. He is me when I find out there are no more Kit Kats or Reese’s in the chocolate bag at work and all I’m stuck with are Almond Joys.

When life’s a bitch, you have the right to be Jim Harbaugh. I sympathize with you, bro.

Let us share the moments in our lives that we have looked and acted just like that champ!

(GIF CREDIT: Bleacher Report | IMAGE CREDIT: NFL.com)

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