And…I’m Back! Welcome to the New Karen On

Welcome Back

After a couple of months of planning, brainstorming, redesigning, and writing on a temp blog and a weekend of importing and completely switching gears, I am back on the mothership! I’d like to officially welcome you to the all-new Karen On, an ongoing personal yet easy-to-relate-to experience in the blogosphere. Instead of simply reading about my thoughts on the latest in entertainment, you’ll read about everything that touches my life, from sports and San Francisco to current world events and what I do when I’m at a crossroads. I am inspired and energized by everything around me, and in turn, I’d like to share all of that with anyone who’ll read and hope that it does something for them in some way. Also, this would serve as a bit of a diary for me as I turn my life into an open book (With limits, of course!).

You’ve probably already noticed what’s new, but allow me to walk you through anyway, as well as point out things you may have missed:

  • New categories: Located in the dark box on the left-hand side, they are still a work-in-progress, but they provide a quick glimpse into some of the topics I plan on writing about.
  • Updated About and FAQ pages: The About page contains some more specific ideas about what this blog will revolve around, and the FAQ has a new section about what I use for my blogging and media, just in case you were curious about why the quality of the photos I take are so subpar and so on.
  • Commenting Policy is now enforced: I honestly do not anticipate a lot of comments on here, but now that I’ll be blogging on potentially sensitive topics, I created a page that explains what you can or can not post in response. This link is somewhat hidden in the blog footer (It was looking lonely, okay?), but I am bringing attention to it right now.
  • Ratings are enabled: At the bottom of each post, you can now rate my posts on a five-star scale. You can now also rate comments. I did this for no particular reason—just wanted to try it out!
  • Follow this blog on Bloglovin’: I registered for this thing back in November and I really have no idea how it works, but I know other cool blogs and readers like to use it, so I got one. You can click on the button on the sidebar at anytime to follow me.

My new clean and minimalist theme is Oxygen from AlienWP. New photos of me all over the website were done by my bestie, Nicole. Isn’t she awesome??!

I keep meaning to put up my posts about my LA trip and my top favorite movies of 2012 but I’m just busy as a bee, with no signs of stopping. But be assured those two posts are of top priority and will more than likely be the first two actual posts in this new age of Karen On. As always, it will be necessary to make small changes here and there but if there are any drastic changes I plan on making, I will let you know.

Any questions or comments, you know what to do! I’m so excited to embark on this new journey with all of you and I hope it will be as fun and fulfilling for you as it is for me. Thank you so much once again for reading and even just for stopping by. See you again real soon!


(PHOTO CREDIT: Nicole Abalde)

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