Karen’s 12 Favorite Tunes in ’12

No, Carly Rae---nice knowing you, but I don't know if anyone will call you next year.
No, Carly Rae—nice knowing you, but I don’t know if anyone will call you next year.

As another year comes to a close, it becomes time for me to handpick a small list of favorite popular (But sometimes not, as with past playlists) songs that will forever remind me of the past 365 days. Whether I associate these songs with special moments or simply enjoyed singing and dancing along to them, these 12 hits in 2012 created my life’s soundtrack.

2012 brought us two ditties that went viral and swept the world into a gleeful frenzy shared through the Internet: 2007 Canadian Idol finalist Carly Rae Jepsen‘s super-cute and infectious “Call Me Maybe” inspired a wave of parodies and covers, while Korea’s PSY crossed over into the mainstream with his kooky video for “Gangnam Style”—which very recently became the most-viewed video on YouTube—and made everyone Gangnam Style with him.

Another Idol—this year’s American Idol winner Phillip Phillips—ended a drought of dreadful coronation songs with his Mumford and Sons-esque “Home,” which also became a sort of theme song for the 2012 US Women’s Gymnastics team at the London Olympics. The band fun. dominated radio and charts with the rousing tunes “We Are Young” and “Some Nights.” We also heard established contemporary acts like Taylor Swift switching it up a little bit in their sounds, leaning a lot more towards the pop side.

Take a listen to my Spotify playlist of my favorite 12 tunes in ’12 (Listed in no particular order), and share some of yours!

Not included in Spotify:

“Titanium” – David Guetta feat. Sia

“Payphone” – Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa

“Hall of Fame” – The Script feat. will.i.am

Photo credit: Skytopradio24.com

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