A Checklist for the Perfect Holiday Bash With Co-Workers

Since I don't have actual photos from this event, have the 543th photo you've seen of the big Christmas tree at San Francisco's Union Square!
Since I don’t have actual photos from this event, have the 543th photo you’ve seen of the big Christmas tree at San Francisco’s Union Square!
  • Did you get to go to the most festive and popular spot in your city during the holidays and take pictures like the one above?
  • Did you force yourself to try something you were scared of, like ice-skating?
  • Did you feel comfortable and not awkward asking one of your co-workers if you could hang on to them through a couple of laps?
  • And with the help of another colleague giving you some pointers, did you eventually brave the ice on your own (Even if you still looked goofy)?
  • Did you get an entire dining room at the E&O Asian Kitchen closed off for your entire company?
  • And eat chicken and steak skewers, corn fritters, deviled eggs, miso caesar salad, crispy chicken breasts, and grilled salmon?
  • And have chocolate cake for dessert?
  • And have your own bartender to pour and mix potent drinks to order?
  • Did you leave at around 10PM thinking that four additional hours with your co-workers was actually quite fun?

Then congratulations—your first holiday party with your co-workers went well. At least, maybe take four or five things away from this list and you’ve got your party!

It’ll be just a couple of weeks until I mark my one-year anniversary working for this company. It’s not my dream job, of course, but after the hell I went through being jobless from early November to late December in 2011, I couldn’t be more grateful that an opportunity with Cardpool fell into my lap. Fun little events like last week’s makes me especially thankful to work with them.

Photo credit: My Instagram

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