I see you.
I see you.

You’re here because a link from Karen On or told you to come here. Maybe it was my Twitter or one of my Facebook pages. Whatever way, YOU’RE HERE! And I’m glad you are because I’m not just writing for me—I’m writing for you. I’m writing to free myself, but I’m also writing to amuse, inform, provoke thought and discussion, and inspire you. I’m writing to tell you my stories and what I think and dream about, because maybe you feel the same way, or maybe you’re just interested by a different perspective.

As you may or may not know, I’ve spent the last couple of years blogging primarily about films, but also about music, TV, performing arts, celebrities, and pop culture. I’m still a fan of writing about those things, but as I’ve been further exposed to the blogosphere and explored other topics I’m interested in writing about along with possible career choices, I decided that I needed to transform my site. No, I’m not one of those girls that feels like they need to change to be accepted—I genuinely just did not want to limit myself. Besides, if I were like “those other girls,” you’d probably find a lot of eye-popping pictures here of cookies, crocheted hats, stacks of pastel-colored books, wedding gowns, London and Paris streetscapes…Basically, this would be a popular Pinterest account if I wanted to be exactly like most of the other blogs I enjoy.

Okay, so MAYBE you might find some of those things on here. But you’ll likely find that yours truly has her own ways of showcasing the stuff she loves, and is pretty simple on the outside. I (Yes, going back to first person) love fast food, black-colored hoodies, superhero movies, overplayed top 40 music, and most of all, baseball. I don’t have any real pets to dote on (Except maybe the two kitties that hang out in our backyard, and dogs that belong to my relatives). I don’t have a significant other to gush about. I mostly hang out with the same small group of friends I’ve known since high school and I still share a room with my little sister. I’m still on the search for my dream job, making ends meet with one paid but non-career oriented position and fulfilling my passions and building my resume with a few unpaid but relevant gigs.

You’ll find out all about that life here—being a non-typical 20-something female, working towards making those dreams come true and also being content with what I already have. You’ll find out about what motivates me, the new things I learn every day, my past, my future. You’ll learn about the silliness that occupies my mind. You’ll learn about what ticks me off, or even what disheartens me. You’ll learn all about the people and things I adore. You’ll learn about how much I love being a San Francisco Giants fan and following the film industry. Hell, maybe you’ll even find one of those good ol’ entertainment reviews that made Karen On what it was! You’ll read about my thoughts and takes on everything from mixed drinks and San Francisco hangouts, to networking and not being in love. Obviously, I hope to cover a lot of ground and make it meaningful, for both this blog and the new Karen On. Here and there, we’re getting a lot more personal, yet widening the field.

Please bookmark, subscribe, follow my social media updates, email me, comment on posts, spread the word about the site…whatever your heart desires! It’ll be a month before we head back over to our old friend at, so get comfy. I look forward to being on this journey with you.


Photo credit: Nicole Abalde (My best friend pretty much takes all decent pictures of me)

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