The New Karen On Debuts On…

Hi readers!

I know the banner at the top of the site now reads “relaunching December 2012” though without an exact date of when the new site will debut. However, due to me not being able to get new photos done till after Christmas (Even though I’m probably only going to use one or two new portraits initially, this is a full-on relaunch!) plus New Year’s Eve and me going out of town in early January, I will have to push the relaunch back till after all of that is over. So…

The new Karen On will officially debut on January 14, 2013.

Like OMG Karen, that’s SUCH a long time from now! I know it is, and believe me, I wish I could just hurry up and unveil it now and start posting all-new stuff more frequently! To remedy the longer wait time, I decided to create an annex blog as a preview of things to come on the new Karen On. Please visit and bookmark dat girl Karen for life updates and articles that I would otherwise post on the new blog. This is just a temporary blog that I will most likely delete later on, as I plan to import or repost these articles onto Karen On once the new site is ready.

The current look of dat girl Karen is not at all representative of what the new Karen On will look like. I’ve taken on a light, non-premium but trendy blog theme (One that I previously used for one of my other websites, in fact) and have opted for a very simplistic appearance. Below is what the minimal header will look like!Karen-On-Header-1

I’ve been working on a test blog of how I want the new site to look like and things have been looking pretty good. I have a Google spreadsheet with my To-Do list, potential categories, and story and series ideas. I think it will actually take form once the new site is actually up, then I can have the more final vision.

That’s all, folks! I will post updates to this site as I see fit, but for some actual blogging, please go to dat girl Karen! Thank you so much for putting up with me. Looking forward to seeing you all back here soon!


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