The Best of the Original Karen On

Within the next couple of weeks, Karen On will no longer have its current categories and all posts that you currently see on the site will be categorized as “Archived.” But that’s not exactly the point of this post (You’ll still have access to old stuff!): I wanted to take a look back on some of the posts on here. Despite the title, this really isn’t necessarily the “best” of this blog, but rather a semi-random sampling of some of my favorite posts, the ones that represented what this blog was really about. The ones I really enjoyed writing. The ones that totally went under the radar and the ones that got the most hits (For whatever reason…and I really mean whatever). The ones about movies you never heard of. The ones that included videos from my YouTube channel. The ones that memorialized all the cool things that’s happened with this blog. Let’s relive some of these posts and say goodbye to the old Karen On in style!


Thanks to the reach made through the incredible fan communities of past Idol finalists, reviews of David Cook’s This Loud Morning and David Archuleta’s The Other Side of Down and recaps featuring videos from exclusive shows by Kris Allen and Danny Gokey received the most hits on the site. The review of the 2011 live Idol tour has also received excellent feedback, due in part to the gallery of photos and the few videos captured. However, apparently, nothing was as popular on this entire website as this short news item about Chris Daughtry and his wife expecting twins. This is legitimately the single most-viewed post on Karen On—I guess bots really like putting the search engine moves on Deanna Daughtry.


I tried to be so smart as to analyze that season’s Director’s Guild race and how it would play into the Academy Awards. Then I threw a hissy fit because Christopher Nolan got left off those actual Oscar nominations and so did a bunch of other fine folks. In the end, I just did what every girl my age did and picked my favorite outfits from the ceremony.


Writing movie reviews swiftly became the whole enchilada for the little bloggy blog. I wrote about romantic dramedies, superhero blockbusters, documentaries premiering at local film festivals, and damn, I really loved Michael Fassbender a lot at one point, didn’t I? For a while, I did a feature entitled Movie Night In, for when I didn’t go out to watch films. Sometimes I reviewed films you never heard of; sometimes I reviewed classics I had seen just for the first time ever; other times I rewatched my contemporary favorites and wrote about them just for the sake of writing about them. And emulating the film critics of the world, I got to put together some year-end top ten lists too.


Somehow, I got some cool people to talk with me exclusively for my little bloggy blog. Karen On spotlighted a few up-and-coming talents in conversations not found anywhere else: Lauren Froderman, the winner of FOX’s reality competition So You Think You Can Dance‘s seventh season; Raining Jane, friends and collaborators of singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles; and the indie duo Jack and White, a project by Jack Matranga and another Idol alum Brooke White. I was happy to be able to ask them the questions I wanted to ask—about their work, their creative processes, and their influences—and to be able to bring those stories to you.


I wrote about entertainment from a personal point of view with anecdotes on WonderCon 2010 and a meet-and-greet with I Am Number Four stars Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron…This Glee concert review contains my most-viewed videos on YouTube even though the sound is utterly disgusting (But that was from my old camera)…I covered television sparingly…I consider books to be a form of entertainment, but I only wrote one book review on here and it was on Mindy Kaling’s pseudo-memoir…I conducted one giveaway, and all five people who entered were automatic winners…Lastly, this blog was featured in the Theme Showcase and has received many of its views this way. It shall be no more as we switch to a new theme for the relaunch, but never forget how Karen On became the most famous it likely will ever be across!

What were some of your favorite posts from Karen On, and what will you miss most about the site being all-entertainment? What suggestions do you have for the new version?

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