Is This the End…or Is This the Beginning?: Out With the Old and in With a New Karen On

Dear Readers and Visitors,

Long time no see! As you’ve noticed, this blog has not been updated in a few months and even before that, it was only updated with links to posts from my other publications. As I’ve been busy writing pieces for four other websites that were far more important to me, I now realize that I finally want to come back home, but in turn, I must make some changes.

I will be switching to a Monday-Friday schedule at my day job in a couple of weeks to assist with our busy holiday season (And for personal matters). To accommodate this, I will be exiting from two of my current contributor positions (The editors for both of these sites have already been notified of my intentions). The full work schedule is much of the reason for why I’m leaving, but there’s more: Though I will always be very grateful for all the fantastic writing, editing, and reporting opportunities I get, I will admit feeling limited by word count and feeling drained by deadlines. As someone who has been budding in the field for a few years now, you’d think I’d be used to it by now! The irony of it all is that more than anything in the world, I want to be able to work full-time in the media space and write and create content on a much wider platform. But these last several months, I feel like I was taking on four contributing writer gigs at once because I felt like I was not doing enough to stand out to potential employers. In the process, I ended up losing a bit of that loving feeling for what I enjoyed doing, not being able to find a balance between fulfilling my duties in those gigs, my actual job, and in being a daughter, sister, and a friend. It was like being in college again, juggling assignments and due dates with real life—and simply getting headaches in the midst of it all.

However, I’ve also realized something else in these last several months, that I wanted to go beyond blogging about entertainment. I tried to do so with my other short-lived blog A Professional Dreamer, but it became a lost cause. I can only be more inspired than ever though, as part of the contributor staff for The Hudsucker, rediscovering old favorites like Hello Giggles, and being introduced to new sites like Thought Catalog and I’ve also been very energized by my San Francisco Giants’ run to their World Series championship this year, as well as all of baseball and Bay Area sports. It made me think about how much I loved writing and reporting on sports for my high school newspaper and the Sports Writing course I took in my final semester of college, and how I might want to come back to that and explore sports as yet another topic to comprehensively talk about on the Web.

There are just so many thoughts and experiences I really want to share with people, and I want writing to be fun again. I need to not stress out over it and enjoy it, and yes, I will make time for it even with my new schedule. I want to be able to make stupid lists, like about the ways Jeremy Affeldt might injure himself next year. I want to be able to share my chocolate marshmallow cocktail recipe with you, though you can probably Google the one I used. I want to be able to take advantage of the LivingSocial deal where I can go speed-dating at half-price, and tell you all about the experience. I don’t even know if I’m going to actually write about all this stuff, but you get the idea! In summary, Karen On is ending as you know it—but it is simply going from an all-entertainment blog to a general lifestyle blog. I will definitely still try to offer reviews and commentary on films, music, TV, etc., but my posts will no longer be limited to such content.

I am still trying to figure out how I will go about restructuring, archiving this blog, and so forth. You will see some changes here and there as I work on the full transformation. A Professional Dreamer will officially be archived soon and be what it was meant to be as part of the new Karen On. I will announce more details here once everything is finalized.

If you followed me for the entertainment reviews and decide you no longer want to follow the new Karen On, I understand, and I thank you for your readership and support. However, I do hope you will give this relaunch a chance and continue to stick with me as I chronicle my life’s journey. Either way you decide to go, I appreciate you reading and your comments. I never thought this blog would attract so many views and follows since it was established in 2010. I never thought I would have a chance to do my own interviews and simply establish a voice in the sphere. It’s been a beautiful ride.

And if you decide all this new and shiny stuff is appealing, then buckle up—the ride shall continue.

Thank you so much and talk to you soon,

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