FOR MEDIUM RARE: ‘Step Up Revolution’

Former MMA fighter Ryan Guzman and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ alum Kathryn McCormick star in ‘Step Up Revolution,’ the latest installment in the dance-heavy film franchise.

As the fourth film in the franchise, the world has already seen Step Up Revolution. It’s basically a rehash of the three movies before it, just set in a different locale, with different stars, and with new eye-popping dance sequences tailor-made for the big screen. The thin story is okay, for those who are not yet tired of the cliched “male hip-hop dancer meets female contemporary dancer” romance that has taken center stage in similar films. There is very little substance to be found here—Step Up Revolution is all about the surface, and plot is unimportant. However, it does succeed in what it sets out to do, in presenting a flashy, feel-good spectacle of stunts, kinetics, and style.

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Check out the trailer:

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