FOR MEDIUM RARE: ‘Crazy Wisdom’

Ram Dass and Trungpa Rinpoche (credit: Alive Mind Cinema)

What exactly is Crazy Wisdom? As summarized by a quick Google search, it occurs when spiritual adepts behave in unconventional and outrageous fashion, to a point where it’s actually considered an accomplishment. A more certain answer is being one of the most influential Buddhists in the Western hemisphere, yet defying a common perception of what it should be to be an “enlightened teacher.” Crazy Wisdom is also a film by Johanna Demetrakas, which chronicles the life and times of Chogyam Trungpa, a man credited for bringing and spreading Tibetan Buddhism throughout the West. Through presenting a treasure chest of archival footage featuring Trungpa himself, plus interviews with those closest to him and those most fascinated by him, this finely shot and edited documentary gives some insight into the teachings of a controversial figure. For those familiar with Trungpa, it may simply regurgitate information. For those who are on the opposite end, the subject is impressive.

Read my full review at Medium Rare

See the trailer at the film’s official website

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