FOR MEDIUM RARE: ‘Take This Waltz’

Luke Kirby and Michelle Williams in TAKE THIS WALTZ, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

Caught between staying faithful in her partially unfulfilling marriage and resisting an object of temptation, Michelle Williams’ captivating performance as a conflicted young woman anchors Take This Waltz. Overall, the dramedy written and directed by Sarah Polley may also stir up conflicted feelings amongst viewers. Its style can be perceived as a little bit pretentious, and the fact that the story is open ended leaves more to be desired. However, it’s this polarizing nature that gives this film much of its beauty. It’s not straight-forward, as is the point it makes that human relationships are not so as well. Melancholy, shot and told with stunning depth, and highlighted by impressive performances from Williams and the supporting cast, Take This Waltz is a bold and emotional journey of one character and the realizations she makes about intimacy and love.

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