Ellie Goulding brightens the place up at San Francisco in-store appearance

Ellie Goulding was late to her in-store performance in San Francisco, but delivered a worthwhile, lovely stripped-down set of her hits. (photo credit: Karen Datangel)

British electropop songstress Ellie Goulding was slated to play at exactly 6:30 for a free, all-ages performance at Amoeba Music before her full-on show at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on Thursday. She arrived at 7:15 after a store manager announced that there were sound check problems at the other venue. But when it was all said and done, a bigger problem arose: Her set was way too short!

Given that it was my first time at a live performance at the record store in the city’s legendary Haight District and it was a free show after all, I couldn’t help but want to hear a little bit more. The Rickshaw Stop show was sold out way before last night, so the Amoeba performance served as a nice consolation for fans who couldn’t attend—and served as a mellow yet exciting preview for those lucky ticketholders. The 24-year-old sang and played a little bit of guitar with her two-man band on acoustic versions of four of her most well-known hits: “Guns and Horses,” the title track off her debut album “Lights,” “Starry Eyed,” and a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song.”

Other than the Elton John cover, the album versions of the tracks performed by Goulding are in the field of her signature lite-techno style. It’s a different experience to hear them stripped-down, but her voice is just as ethereal as it is on record, if not more passionate on stage.

An estimate of about 80 people packed a small section of the store to see the performer, who stayed under tighter time constraints afterwards to sign posters and albums, take pictures, chat with fans, and dole out hugs.

Check out a few shots of Ellie and her band, plus her performances of “Lights” and “Your Song”!

GALLERY: Ellie Goulding @ Amoeba Music – San Francisco, CA – 04.14.11.

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