Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief: How artists are helping out–and how you can too

David Guttenfelder/AP

Last week, Japan was hit with a catastrophic 9.0-magnitude earthquake, one of the strongest recorded in world history. The tsunami that followed has brought even more devastation, wiping away homes and even entire villages. The death toll is currently in the thousands and rising, with many more missing. The power outages caused by the disaster has left many people without basic necessities, and crippled nuclear power plants in the hardest-hit areas continue to pose a frightening threat to residents.

The Huffington Post has provided a list of organizations that have set up donation funds and will provide relief to those affected by the disaster. Various Internet communities, artists, and entertainers are also lending their efforts in unique ways. Here are just a few ways you can give back to Japan through supporting creative works. If there is an item, community, or organization you would like to see here, please comment and I’ll add it into this post and cite you as a contributor. Of course, if there is something you’re personally doing for Japan and would like to promote it here, that is certainly more than welcome too.

Please spread the word and please help any way you can.

  • The Poster Cause Project, which sells and promotes work by underground artists for charity, has a Japan Earthquake Relief Print Series on sale. There are over 20 beautiful and unique designs and only 100 prints (6″x11″) of each of them are available to purchase. 75 percent of the profits will go to Doctors Without Borders for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. PURCHASE PRINTS HERE.
  • TOTA Press, a handmade letterpress card subscriber service, is selling a special edition set of cards featuring a Thousand Cranes design. The design is based on a Japanese tradition that a wish will be granted upon the folding of 1,000 origami cranes. The artist of these cards, Tomoko, said her wish is “for a speedy and solid recovery. This is my hope for the people, my family and friends in Japan – as they have experienced such a devastating tragedy.” 100 percent of the profits will go to the American Red Cross. PURCHASE CARDS HERE.
  • LiveJournal, which has set up similar communities for disaster relief in Haiti and Chile, has created the help_japan community for fandom/general auctions. If you enjoy reading fanfiction or need a new desktop wallpaper or icons or a banner for your journal OR if you enjoy writing fic or making graphics (Or doing it all!), this is a fun way to help out. You can also buy/offer a wide variety of handmade or typical items. It all works like a regular online auction, but the winning bidder will give the winning amount to charity. Make sure to read the community’s rules and info for what and how you can offer or bid on an item or service. JOIN/VIEW HELP_JAPAN.
  • Lady Gaga has designed a red and white “We Pray for Japan” wristband exclusively for her online store. All proceeds from the wristband sales will go directly to relief efforts. PURCHASE WRISTBANDS HERE.
  • hitRECord, the open collaborative production company headed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is selling its signature red ‘REC’ buttons, two for $5, till the end of March. 100 percent of the profits will go to GlobalGiving.org‘s Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. PURCHASE BUTTONS HERE.
  • The Matt Damon-top biller, Clint Eastwood-directed afterlife drama Hereafter was recently pulled from Japanese theaters due to its realistic reenactment of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but Warner Bros. has also announced that a portion of home media sales of the film will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society. If the just-released DVD/Blu-Ray is to your liking, give it a go. PURCHASE ‘HEREAFTER’ FROM AMAZON.
  • The acoustic rock band Boyce Avenue recently covered P!nk’s hit “Perfect” and for the rest of March, all of the profits from iTunes purchases of the song will go to relief efforts in Japan. Find it in their New Acoustic Sessions album. PURCHASE “PERFECT” BY BOYCE AVENUE ON ITUNES.

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