PROMO: For Your Consideration – Now open!

A few weeks ago, my friend Janna and I talked about wanting to write and read pieces on the ten films nominated for Best Picture this year, so we rounded up a few fellow film lovers and aspiring writers from around the Web to bring you For Your Consideration!

This blog is the collaborative effort of a team of young writers who are also film fanatics. They wish to lend their voices in defense of their favorite movies vying for the 2011 Best Picture Academy Award, both to each other and the rest of the world. No profits are being made from this project–only the opportunity to share a passion for excellent cinema.

One piece about a nominated film will be posted every day starting Feb. 17 up to Feb. 26, leading up to the big Oscar ceremony on Feb. 27 (Random order TBD). Share posts that you love and please feel free to comment! We hope you enjoy our blogs about these movies as much as we enjoyed writing them.

You can access For Your Consideration directly through or for a limited time through Karen On by clicking on the image in the “Featured” sidebar.

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