Britney Spears releases new single, ‘Hold it Against Me’

Britney Spears’ latest single was released to the public today—a day earlier than scheduled, but has generated much buzz since last month.

“Hold it Against Me,” produced by pop powerhouses Dr. Luke and Max Martin, is the Euro/industrial-influenced club anthem by Spears and is the first single off her yet-to-be titled album, slated for a March release.

The song will be available to purchase on iTunes at midnight tonight.

My thoughts: The production is grand, but even that can’t mask her voice on this one. The lyrics are cheesy (Pretty much one of the worst pick-up lines ever in song form) and the new song sounds similar to, but a much more amped-up version of “Shattered Glass” off her last album, 2008’s Circus—it’s probably that broken-down pre-chorus on both songs. However, I think it’s just one of those songs that might take a few more listens for it to grow on me. It’s only kept me feeling lukewarm so far, and I’m already hoping for something better on the upcoming album.

You can listen to the single now on Britney’s official site. Leave a comment here and let me know what you think!

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