Site Updates: Stepping It Up! New Features, Big Plans, Upcoming Reviews + I Want to Hear from You

Greetings friends and strangers!
Karen here. When I launched Baby You’ll Be Famous back in March of this year, I only thought of it as a fun side project that I could use to build up my portfolio of work as a journalist, particularly in the entertainment and lifestyle specialty. Then when I suddenly found myself in Los Angeles this summer, doing the internship of my dreams, I realized that with my existing blog, maybe I can be a self-starter and build my own brand with all the new skills I’ve acquired and new insights I’ve gained. Since then, I’ve been taking baby steps to lead this pet project of mine to a new direction.

Yes, I’ve realized that I don’t update as much anymore and it’s really difficult when I also have multiple responsibilities at home, at my day job, and as a student working for the campus publication. But hopefully to get the ball rolling once again, I’ve added two new features: a daily / weekend roundup of top news stories from around the Web and a sidebar called “Karen’s Picks of the Week,” where I promote a small selection of upcoming albums, DVD/Blu-Ray releases, and movies for the week.

Movie Night In, my short reviews of classic and recent DVD releases, was said to only be a weekly feature but with my new Netflix account, it will be a “whenever the hell I want” feature. I watched a bunch of movies over the summer as well and I still feel like talking about them. Look out for my rants and raves on the following films soon: Brick, Uncertainty, Peacock, Cruel Intentions, Blind Dating, Ghost, Unfaithful, Minority Report, Red Eye, and Rocknrolla.

I also have one music review on deck, for the sounds of Kadawatha, an up-and-coming rock band who recently wrapped the Honda Civic Tour with Paramore and other big-name artists.

Another thing about this blog’s beginnings and how that will change: I chose the title Baby You’ll Be Famous partly in tribute to Lady Gaga, but due to the fact that I don’t want to get sued or for people to think this site is totally Gaga-related (Even though she’s a big part of this blog because I love her), the title of this blog will change. In addition, I’m hoping that this blog will be hosted on its own domain by the end of the year. The name change will likely occur when the blog gets a new domain, although it may happen earlier (In the case, the blog’s URL will still remain the same for the moment–just a new title).

Finally, I have an updated contact page that will allow you to get in touch with me more easily through email and through my social networks. Bloggers love hearing from their readers and are always seeking feedback, and I want to turn this into something that you can enjoy. If there’s anything you want to see on here–a pitch for an original story (I would LOVE to do pieces on any local musicians, film makers, and actors, hint hint), a story in entertainment media that deserves a place here, a new regular feature–I want to know what it is. I don’t want this to just be my blog, but your blog. I know that entertainment media in general can be negative, so let’s rise above that. I truly believe that together, we can start a revolution.

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented so far, as well as spread the word about this blog, whether from the start or at any point in time that we’ve been around! I appreciate it more than I can express and I look forward to giving you more pop for your consumption.


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