Daughtry rocks with Lifehouse at San Jose’s big house

American Idol success story Chris Daughtry and his namesake band, along with top 40 rock vets Lifehouse and opening band Cavo, played San Jose’s HP Pavilion as part of Daughtry’s Leave This Town tour, named for their sophomore album.

Enthusiastic fans in the arena rocked out, sang along, and swayed along with their lighters and cell phones as the radio hitmakers performed familiar and friendly tunes like Lifehouse’s inaugural single “Hanging by a Moment” and Daughtry’s “No Surprise.”

It was epic to see two very popular bands at the moment play the same stage and in an arena setting. I’ve seen Daughtry play small-venue shows and both atmospheres are very different, most notably that I have space to breathe when I’m in an arena and that I enjoy the intimacy of smaller venues more. But these boys can play in a garage or a county fair and they’d still put on a great show.

I have to apologize again for not being able to offer a review due to a couple of reasons (I couldn’t even stay for the entire thing like last time!), but as always, I do my best to at least bring something back to share with the world from my concert experiences – so here are some Daughtry and Lifehouse videos from the show! A FEW PHOTOS TO FOLLOW SOON. Enjoy!

Lifehouse – First Time

Daughtry – Everytime You Turn Around

UNDER THE CUT: Hanging by a Moment – What I Want – No Surprise – Life After You – September – In the Air Tonight

Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment

Daughtry – What I Want

Daughtry – No Surprise

Daughtry – Life After You

Daughtry – September

Daughtry – In the Air Tonight (partial) [Phil Collins cover]

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