Okay, so you’re STILL on ‘American Idol’? That don’t impress me much!

We’re halfway there, folks! And that means less finalists to tease and please, but mostly bore or hurt our ears.

This week, the top 6 American Idols took on the Shania Twain songbook, mentored by the country-pop icon herself.

On a side note before I continue, tour dates for the American Idols live tour this summer were released today AKA the best part of the season. Check them out and try to check a show out! They’re definitely a lot more fun than what’s shown on TV.

Lee DeWyze – “You’re Still the One”
My man Lee took on the one song I wanted to him to sing and performed and arranged a great heartfelt rendition, but didn’t sing very well on it. Not my favorite from him but again, I still find him one of the more interesting contestants due to his musicality and raspy voice. Oh, and he’s hot too. Just a bonus though.

Michael Lynche – “It Only Hurts When I Breathe”
Michael has a voice that I’ve always loved, but I wasn’t feeling this performance at all – it sounded really off and all over the place. I’d like to think Shania was teary-eyed because she didn’t like it very much either (She said she was feeling it but seriously, was she going to diss the guy on screen?!).

Casey James – “Don’t”
I’ve usually been unmoved or turned off by Casey throughout the season, but tonight, I had gone gaga…just for one night though! He really was in the zone this week. The vibrato wasn’t too present and he not only sang the song well, but really put all his emotions on stage. It was lovely in every sense. I still don’t think I can ever consider him a favorite but at least he has finally delivered a performance that I fully enjoyed.

Crystal Bowersox – “No One Needs to Know Right Now”
The consistent Crystal delivered kindly as always, but I was also bored by her. Eh. I still love her and think she should win.

Aaron Kelly – “You’ve Got a Way”
Infant Aaron Kelly was also in the zone with a pretty country ballad and although his vocal prowess is getting a bit better, I still find it so hard to connect with him. He bores me, which is why I feel like he overstays his welcome every week.

Siobhan Magnus – “Any Man of Mine”
I missed the first part of this performance, but when I came back to watch the TV, I knew I wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway. Kara said the end sounded like she was giving birth. And when I hear Siobhan’s awful shrieking, especially during tonight’s broadcast, I feel like giving birth as well. She and I can start a little family of shrieking moms and babies! ❤


WHO SHOULD GO HOME: Infant, Mom in Childbirth, Big Papa
WHO WILL GO HOME: Mike. It’s probably his time now, though I’m sad about it because I actually do like him.

2 thoughts on “Okay, so you’re STILL on ‘American Idol’? That don’t impress me much!

  1. socaliflavor

    OMG do we have the same brain or something because I totally agree with a lot of your opinions, especially on Siobhan’s performance and who should go home… You’re totally on the ball.


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