Tyler Hilton inspires with “Ladies and Gentlemen” EP

Accomplished and talented singer-songwriter and all-around cool guy Tyler Hilton continues to deliver substantial and play-it-on-repeat music with a new five-song EP.

Ladies and Gentlemen serves as a prelude to Hilton’s upcoming full-length album, titled The Storms We Share. The music on the EP matches well with the album title – it serves to uplift. Well, most of the songs anyway.

The opener is “Sunset Blvd.”, titled after one of Hollywood’s most famed streets.  Musically, it’s the most upbeat track on the EP – a perfect road trip song – but lyrically, it’s a melancholy account about Hilton’s own struggles with breaking into the music business and that generally, Hollywood is not all glitz and glamour as most people would expect.

There’s also the closer, “June,” which also has sad lyrics yet a lighthearted instrumental. It’s probably the most forgettable song on the EP. It’s a good song – it just doesn’t stand well by itself.

The meat in the middle is where the “inspiration” vibe really comes in. There’s “I Believe in You,” which has the makings of a power ballad if that was Hilton’s type of music. It even spurred this amazing fan made video celebrating the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. “Keep On” and “This World Will Turn Your Way” complete the triad. In fact, the latter song is even more instrumentally epic than any of the other songs and lyrically, it is another heartfelt creation based upon Hilton’s personal experiences. He states in the Info section of his official website, “Sometimes you need to remind yourself that dreams can happen, but they may take time so [you] can’t give up, which basically describes the last four years of my life. That’s what ‘This World Will Turn Your Way’ is about.” The message of “Keep On” needs no decoding – “You just got to believe, keep on, keep on” – but Hilton presents it with such sensitivity and conviction that listeners will take the message to heart.

The EP is available only digitally (Buy it here on iTunes), but physical copies are also available for purchase at Hilton’s shows with The Spill Canvas – they’re touring till late May. Your blogger here will be seeing them on Thursday in San Francisco, so you can expect a review and media here very soon! Exciting!

And if you haven’t checked Tyler Hilton out yet, what are you waiting for?


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