“The Power of Madonna” promises to be ‘Glee”s best episode yet

That's a good look for you, Sue!
Last week after the much-anticipated return of Glee‘s inaugural season, FOX premiered one of the songs and a video to match from this week’s highly hyped “The Power of Madonna” episode – featuring Sue Sylvester on lead vocals for the very first time! Actress Jane Lynch channels the original Queen of Pop quite well in the iconic and stylish “Vogue.”

All of the Glee kids will pay a very special tribute to Madonna in tonight’s episode, airing on FOX TONIGHT at 9PM/8PM central, after American Idol.

The “The Power of Madonna” EP is available on iTunes today. Be sure to purchase it and you’ll also get the album-only track “Burning Up”!

Click below to preview FULL versions of the songs that will be featured tonight!


“Like a Virgin”

“Express Yourself”

“4 Minutes”

“What it Feels Like for a Girl”

“Like a Prayer” (Probably the best Glee cover yet – FANTASTIC!)

YouTube credit: MrAndrezillo

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