A couple of Idols soar and inspire – the rest can fly away already

The American Idol season 9 top 7 finalists were mentored by Alicia Keys for Idol Gives Back.

After a hiatus from Idol Gives Back last season, the charity and star-studded event is back for season 9, along with the coinciding theme of “Inspirational Songs.” Those so-called tracks were what the top 7 took on for this week, with a little help from humanitarian / all-around superstar Alicia Keys.

Well. At least they’re all trying, but too many of these Idols continue to deliver lackluster performances, not to mention choosing all the wrong songs. Aside from a couple of performers, the supposed songs of inspiration translated to uninspiring performances.

Casey James – “Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow”
Bluesy guitar hero Casey picked an upbeat song and rocked along, but like Randy said, we needed to see something new from him. His goat vibrato still irritates me. At least he’s a good stage performer. But it felt more like something I’d see at a bar. Not good enough.

Lee DeWyze – “The Boxer”
I wish this song had less “la la la”‘s in it, but overall, this was a beautiful and genuine performance. Lee’s heartfelt sensitivity really shined through, and he told a story – to either do that or deliver a message was crucial for this week, and he did just that. As a huge fan of his, I hope that somehow he can put the guitar down and just let everything else speak for itself. Just once – he has it in him.

Tim Urban – “Better Days”
I actually liked the boy with the old-school Zac Efron hair and million-dollar smile this week. Given that it wasn’t as good as the past couple of weeks, it was still an excellent song choice for him and he didn’t sing or perform THAT badly. What’choo talking about, judges? Sadly, I think this performance might have marked the end of Tim’s journey on Idol.

Aaron Kelly – “I Believe I Can Fly”
Aaron’s still my least favorite and I think this show will be kinder to him if he hit puberty, but I have to admit that it was still a really great effort and one of his stronger performances. Nothing groundbreaking though – this song seriously needs to be banned from the show forever.

Siobhan Magnus – “When You Believe”
Wow, what a shame – with those pipes and unique vocal style, this gal deserves to make it far but lately, she hasn’t proved that she does. This song showcased Siobhan’s signature hot vocals and she SANG it well, but it became a “HEY, LOOK AT ME HEAR ME I CAN SING yayayaya” deal. Where’s that connection though? Instead of feeling inspired, I just felt cold and unmoved.

Michael Lynche – “Hero”
I love Big Mike, but like Siobhan, he’s just fading fast for me. UNLIKE Siobhan, his vocals are more polished and consistent, but I haven’t been feeling his song choices lately, including this one. I guess he wants to take risks, but at least make sure the song and your voice mesh well together and if it doesn’t, do something about it. Again, I wasn’t moved.

Crystal Bowersox – “People Get Ready”
HOLY GUACAMOLE – no surprise that Mamasox takes the prize of the night! What vocal flaws she had in this performance was overshadowed by the perfect a capella at the beginning, a choir joining her to take us to church, and raw emotion. Heck, she even CRIED at the end (She later explained that it was because her dad was in the audience). It was nice to see her and Ryan chummy despite the controversy that broke out this weekend where Ryan broke news that Crystal was about to quit the competition. The one truly inspiring performance of the week was delivered by her.



4 thoughts on “A couple of Idols soar and inspire – the rest can fly away already

  1. socaliflavor

    You were on the money about “Better Days” being Tim’s last performance. I think we all knew his departure was long overdue.

    I was also puzzled by Siobhan’s song choice… (my reaction: NOOOO SIOBHAN!) and it was more puzzling because David Archuleta tore it up moons ago. But she has balls for taking it on. Siobhan has so much potential, but it hasn’t shined through lately, which is disappointing.


    1. Karen

      As much as Tim deserved to go, I would’ve rather had Aaron get eliminated – I’ve been wanting him to go every week, LOL.

      I sort of blame it on the judges for Siobhan’s downgrade but eh…it might be her doing too. I’d like to see her redeem herself but it’s been one average/bad performance after another for a long time now. I don’t think she deserves to be in the finale anymore.


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