Baby You’ll Be Famous is now on Flickr! – Danny Gokey concert photos now posted

I’m no professional photographer. I have a crappy camera that produces average-quality photos that sometimes come out worse than better after some tweaking on Photoshop. But I wanted to host all the photos I’ve taken at concerts and events and I decided on Flickr.

Baby You’ll Be Famous @ Flickr

I’m happy to allow people to post my photos (and videos on YouTube) on other sites, but PLEASE do not claim them as your own. I’d also appreciate links back to those sites and/or this blog.

My first set of photos are from last week’s Danny Gokey concert in Emeryville! 41 in all (Spent more time filming videos) – check below for a few preview images and the gallery link.

dannygokey2010-032 dannygokey2010-003 dannygokey2010-044

GALLERY: Danny Gokey @ Ex’pression College – Emeryville, CA – 03.19.10.

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