Movie Night In: ’2012′

Last fall’s blockbuster 2012 is a well-rounded, thoroughly entertaining movie that depicts what our world might come to in two years. Might. Seeing Hollywood’s interpretation, you’ll either laugh it off or think about it too much.

Based on various theories regarding the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21 or 23, 2012, the film is an around-the-world adventure, but centers on Washington, D.C., where geologist Dr. Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) discovers that severe effects on the Earth’s core due to a large solar explosion will cause catastrophe on the entire world. Meanwhile, Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), a Los Angeles author/limo driver on vacation at Yellowstone with his two children, comes upon the same information and under pressure, tries to save his family from the impending disasters.

The film’s well-developed storyline is based upon science and not simply conspiracy theories, which adds some reality to Hollywood. The disaster sequences are intense and takes viewers along for the ride and the kills, although the first big one in the movie was sloppy and felt too much like a video game to me. A fantastic ensemble cast portrays a wide variety of lively characters who all meet and lend each other support and help among the global tragedies. The movie ran too long for my taste, but I cheered, laughed, frowned, gasped, and screamed (in my head, regarding that last one) through it all. It was a film that brought out every emotion in me.

Though underneath the conspiracies and (mostly) sophisticated special effects, the story of the human spirit in 2012 is the best part of the film. One can only hope that whenever the world as we know it ends, that we can still manage to stay positive, be strong in the face of danger, and be a friend to all in need.


“Movie Night In” will be a regular feature to be posted every weekend, hopefully on Fridays or Saturdays. One to three DVD releases, both new and old, will be given short reviews.

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