The boys are back, but which ones won’t be? – ‘Idol’ guys take stage before vote to the final 12

Michael Lynche, Andrew Garcia, Alex Lambert, Lee DeWyze, Todrick Hall, Aaron Kelly, Casey James, and Tim Urban are the men of 'American Idol' season 9 vying for a spot in the top 12.

The guys have always been my favorites on American Idol, but this season’s males have been kind of a letdown. Who knows who my top favorite will be now? However, I do know that after tonight, my faith has been restored for the boys of season 9.

Lee DeWyze chooses “Fireflies” by Owl City to kick off the night. I am not happy with this because this song sucks yet people eat it up and I love Lee, and he shouldn’t be paired with something that’s made of suck and overrated. He sounds great though and he looks very comfortable up on that stage. I’ve always enjoyed that gravely sound of his voice. The judges mostly have praise for him, but I agree with Simon, who says he’s much better than that song.

Alex Lambert and his mullet and guitar is next with Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble.” I don’t get this guy’s appeal, unless people are mixing him up with that other Lambert guy from last season (For shame!). I did miss his performance last week though, and I heard he was pretty good. This performance, however, is doing nothing for me. This kid’s a young’n, but his performance and voice is boring oldie. Ellen said “cocky banana” and Randy or someone cleared their throat – guess someone else found the humor in placing those two words together.

Tim Urban, like his other two predecessors, keeps it going with the guitar in an interpretation of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” Oh hey, remember when Jason Castro sang this song in season 7 (the same week too, nonetheless) and it was awesome? I fear for contestants when they sing songs that have been performed so well in past seasons. But wow, Tim is doing a great job with this one! He sounds lovely and is really putting some heart and soul into it. Awww, Ellen is going to give him a hug! Wow, what an improvement from the first week! He’s peaking at a great time. I’m not sure if I can consider him a favorite yet, but I’m rooting for him.

Andrew Garcia, widely considered an early front-runner, brings back the guitar after a break last week for a rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle.” This unplugged arrangement is kind of cool, but he’s boring me so far. The end is pretty good though. The judges are disappointed, as am I. I like this guy but I just can’t seem to LOVE him. He needs to do some stepping up.

Wow, the guitars keep on coming! Casey James is on a stool for the ballad, “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban. He starts off okay but ugh, he’s also getting boring. I enjoy this song too. Kara says “You’re missing your spark.” I don’t think I ever saw it in the first place and this performance isn’t helping me in that case.

Puppy dog Cute teen Aaron Kelly takes on Lonestar’s “I’m Already There” next.  He sounds like he’s still going through puberty as he’s singing this song. I see a lot of potential in him and ballads seem to be in his realm, but this performance is pretty weak, or average at most.

Todrick Hall does Queen and “Somebody to Love.” I don’t know what it is with this guy – we have a love/hate deal. This performance does not excite me. He can sing, but not this song – he doesn’t have that power in his voice. Disappointing – I’ve actually enjoyed his previous semifinal performances to some degree. Why are the judges loving up on him though? What is this? I don’t think I’m watching the right show. I’ll give him credit though for tackling on a tough song.

Michael Lynche closes us out with “Woman’s Work” by Maxwell. I can’t even type out commentary as I am watching because I am SO incredibly immersed in this performance. It’s such a beautiful song and he’s not only SINGING it flawlessly, but he’s performing it flawlessly. So much passion and emotion and he’s totally putting it out there. And this song is REALLY tough to sing yet he’s hitting all the right notes! Wow! Kara is crying, Simon calls it the best performance of any of these live shows. I am totally and utterly in agreement with Simon this time.

Favorite performers of the night: Michael, Tim
Least favorites: Alex, Aaron, Todrick
Who should go home: Aaron and Todrick
Who will go home: Alex and Todrick

One thought on “The boys are back, but which ones won’t be? – ‘Idol’ guys take stage before vote to the final 12

  1. Amanda

    I think they saved the best for last. Seriously that was good. Best of the season so far. haha. I’m glad we both agree about Casey I never really liked him and never got the hype about him.


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